Ultimate Drum Lessons - Gospel and R & B Drumming - DVD

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Hosted by the "godfather of modern gospel drumming" (Modern Drummer) , Jeff "Lo" Davis, this DVD will enhance your understanding and appreciation of the explosive power, feel, excitement, chops and groove that make up modern gospel and R & B drumming. Features educational lessons and incredible performances from some of the greatest drumming artists playing these styles today: John Blackwell...



  • Bad Boy of Gospel Music

    Univ. Press of Mississippi. 2018. ISBN: 9781578065530,1578065534. 342 pages.

    "I messed up," Calvin Newton lamented, after wasting thirty years and doing time in both state and federal prisons for theft, counterfeiting, and drug violations. "These were years of my life that I could have been singing gospel music." During his prime, he was super-handsome, athletic, and charged with sexual charisma that attracted women to him like flies to honey. Atop this abundance was his astounding voice, "the voice of an angel." This book is his prodigal-son story. Audacious, Newton...

  • People Get Ready!

    A&C Black. 2018. ISBN: 0826414362,9780826414366. 424 pages.

    From Africa through the spirituals, from minstrel music through jubilee, and from traditional to contemporary gospel, "People Get Ready!" provides, for the first time, an accessible overview of this musical genre.

  • Encyclopedia of American Gospel Music

    Routledge. 2013. ISBN: 9781135377007,1135377006. 512 pages.

    Human societies have not always taken on new technology in appropriate ways. Innovations are double-edged swords that transform relationships among people, as well as between human societies and the natural world. Only through successful cultural appropriation can we manage to control the hubris that is fundamental to the innovative, enterprising human spirit; and only by becoming hybrids, combining the human and the technological, will we be able to make effective use of our scientific and...

  • Uncloudy Days

    Hal Leonard Corporation. 2018. ISBN: 0879308419,9780879308414. 515 pages.

    The first true gospel music encyclopedia, Uncloudy Days explores the artists who profoundly influenced early rock 'n' roll and soul music and provided inspiration for millions of the faithful."--BOOK JACKET.

  • The History of Gospel Music

    Infobase Publishing. 2001. ISBN: 9780791058183,0791058182. 104 pages.

    Covers the history of gospel music, from the days of slavery through the civil rights movement.

New Video and EP from Gospel Music! | LA Music Blog
New Video and EP from Gospel Music! | LA Music Blog
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Train To Glory: A Gospel Music Mix : NPR
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