GREEN TEA: Secrets to Flat Belly, Youthful Skin & More

Please do read the description box for more info. Discover the secrets of Green Tea, a super drink and why you should drink it everyday. Learn almost everything ...


  • Green Tea

    Kensington Books. 1998. ISBN: 1575662434,9781575662435. 179 pages.

    Including more than one dozen recipes for drinks and desserts, a guide to the healing properties of green tea describes how it acts as a stronger antioxidant than certain vitamins, inhibits blood clots better than aspirin, and more. Original.

  • Green Tea

    CRC Press. 2001. ISBN: 020390799X,9780203907993. 280 pages.

    A comprehensive overview of the inherent properties, chemical and biochemical functions, actions for lowering the risks of cardiovascular and infectious diseases and cancers, and underlying mechanisms of tea polyphenols. It reveals the bioantimutagenic potency of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) found in green tea.

  • The Green Tea Book

    Penguin. 1997. ISBN: 1440637148,9781440637148. 240 pages.

    Discover the ancient Chinese secret to a long, healthy life—with just three cups of green tea per day. The Green Tea Book has been a trusted resource for almost a decade. Now, chemist Lester A. Mitscher and health writer Victoria Dolby Toews update their ground-breaking work with the latest scientific information. The "natural medicine" in green tea is polyphenols. These phytonutrients are powerful antioxidants, and Dr. Mitscher and Toews explore the research on green tea, explaining its many...

  • Cooking with Green Tea

    Penguin. 2018. ISBN: 1583330658,9781583330654. 194 pages.

    The author of "Fat-Free Chinese Cooking" shows how to capture the healthy benefits of green tea with this collection of 50 tasty recipes.

  • Green Tea Living

    Stone Bridge Press. 2012. ISBN: 9781611725476,161172547X. 160 pages.

    Homespun wisdom from Japan updated for today's "green lifestyle" choices.

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  • World Tea on the Road Schedules Fall Stops

    10/02/15 ,via The Gourmet Retailer

    Session highlights include: Intro to the Six Types of Tea; Cupping Green and Yellow Teas; White and Oolong Teas; Black and Dark Teas; a Tea Q&A; and World Tea Academy Test Preparation and Testing. World Tea Academy is the leading online tea education and ...

  • The Potting Shed: Garden Club celebrates with High Tea at Henry Ford Estate

    10/02/15 ,via Press and Guide

    Tea cozies covered tea pots of Earl Grey and a berry tea ... Stir to coat well, then stir in green onions, cranberries, apple, pecans, celery, lime juice, salt, pepper, and dill weed. Serve immediately or overnight. Flavor intensifies overnight.

  • How to Give Your Cold the Cold Shoulder?

    10/02/15 ,via Huffington Post UK

    Instead of stressing out, try to find ways to be more relaxed and let yourself go a bit more. Whether you prefer green tea, rooibos or any other flavour, it will provide a great amount of antioxidants. Apart from the beneficial value, there are no added ...

Green Tea – The Most Powerful Antioxidant | Fitness and Health ...
Green Tea – The Most Powerful Antioxidant | Fitness and Health ...
Healthy Plate 5: Does Green Tea Promote Weight Loss?
Healthy Plate 5: Does Green Tea Promote Weight Loss?

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