Nike Portmore Renew SB Skate Shoe - Men's University Red/Gym Red/White, 10.5

Seller: Backcountry Backcountry by Nike Nike

In classic Nike fashion, the Men's Portmore Renew SB Skate Shoe is built with all the features necessary for you to get after it. The autoclave construction provides lots of flex and superior board feel without sacrificing durability, so the life of the shoe isn't wasted on breaking-in time. The canvas upper enhances support and durability against the wear-and-tear of flip trick repetition,...


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  • Unlike the rest of the country, Chicagoans say 'gym shoes'

    07/13/17 ,via WGN-TV

    CHICAGO — From “soda” to “pop” and “clicker” to “remote control,” Americans know that different regions of the country often have their own vocabulary for common objects. But when it comes to the “sneakers vs. tennis shoes” debate, Chicagoans are an 

  • Gym shoes or tennis shoes? Twitter is running wild over the preferred term

    07/12/17 ,via

    What do you call athletic footwear? According to Readers Digest, Cincinnati says "gym shoes." But, apparently, the rest of the country prefers "tennis shoes." And that's not sitting well with Twitter. Never in my life have I been so caught off-guard by

  • Chicagoans Have An Alternative Answer To: Tennis Shoes or Sneakers?

    07/13/17 ,via CBS Chicago

    Minkel was in shock about how many people refer to athletic footwear as “tennis shoes,” but Chicagoans are the true odd men out here as they use neither “tennis shoes” or “sneakers” but rather “gym shoes.” The survey found Chicago and Cincinnati are

  • Sneakers or tennis shoes: What do you call them?

    07/12/17 ,via SB Nation

    A series of maps from Reader's Digest shows the bizarre regional words Americans use for common objects. From “yard sales” to “garage sales,” “fireflies” and “lightning bugs,” it's a fun look at how geography changes this. Except for one map, which is 

  • POLL: What do you call the casual shoes you wear to work out?

    07/12/17 ,via For The Win

    Tennis shoes? I looked around the Interwebs some more to find out if this was a real map and a Harvard Dialect Survey from 2003 popped up. It turns out 45.5 percent of those surveyed call them “sneakers” — which I thought was a universal term — while


  • Gym shoes and irises

    Town House Pr. 1982. ISBN: 0940653036,9780940653030.
  • My Friend Percy's Magical Gym Shoes

    Gecko. 2009. ISBN: 095825981X,9780958259811. 112 pages.

    Percy's gym shoes are like no others. When he has them on, he can do exactly as he likes. Ulf wants these shoes, so that he also can become strong and courageous. The magic shoes are mouldy and smelly, and Ulf pays for them with his steam machine, his stopwatch, his stamp album... This is a fast-paced story of the unlikely friendship that builds between Percy, the school tough guy, and Ulf, eccentric, chubby and sensitive.

  • New Gym Shoes

    Kaeden Corporation. 1998. ISBN: 9781879835337,1879835339. 12 pages.

    Fiction, Reading Recovery Level 11, F&P Level G, DRA2 Level 12, Theme Irony, Stage Early, Character Yukish

  • The Bride Wore Gym Shoes & Maddie's Millionaire

    Harlequin. 2011. ISBN: 9781459250512,1459250516. 348 pages.

    GET ME TO THE CHAPEL… Marriage counselor Krista Lund didn't believe in predictions—especially when they involved her sexy but annoying neighbor, Connor Fallon, and her wearing a wedding dress and red gym shoes! Why, she had much better fashion sense than that… and much better sense than to fall for a ladies' man like Connor. But when he invited Krista on a romantic weekend—to help him with a case—she began to wonder if marrying this drop-dead-gorgeous man was such a crazy idea after all….

  • The Bride Wore Gym Shoes

    K. Loren Wilson. 2017. ISBN: 9781936505401,1936505401. 142 pages.

    Stop the wedding! The last man Krista Lund would ever marry is her neighbor, detective Connor Fallon. Yet a psychic who’s never been wrong has a shocking vision of Krista in a bridal gown, wearing red gym shoes and marrying Connor. To avert disaster, Krista stages a pretend wedding. But there’s a catch: Connor’s price for cooperating is for her to spend a weekend with him in Las Vegas on a case. Almost from the start, matters go haywire. Could that crazy wedding still happen? Don’t miss this...

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