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Click on HD to see in HD. This is a video educating you on the good and bad hamster cages. Hope you enjoy and find it helpful :) x LINKS to the Good Hamster ...

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  • A family of fatal brain diseases has baffled scientists while infecting new species

    Within weeks, the normally agile mink were staggering about the cages, their legs plunging through gaps in the wire mesh. .. When researchers injected brain tissue from the mice back into healthy hamsters, all of the hamsters got sick. In addition

  • Hammock season is in full swing

    07/08/17 ,via Buffalo News

    There's more: One study at Liverpool John Moores University in England found that hammocks apparently make hamsters happy. Scientists there published a study revealing that hamsters in cages enriched with hammocks – as well as extra bedding, ledges 

  • Stardew Valley creator: 'I certainly don't want my game to cause harm to any guinea pigs'

    07/11/17 ,via PC Gamer

    "Guinea pigs should never, ever have a wheel in its cage," Buffy_B adds. "Wheels can damage their spines and kill them. They are not like hamsters. Instead, they should have large cages that they can run around and also get supervised floor time so

  • Top 10 Best Hamster, Gerbil & Mouse Cages

    03/27/17 ,via

    It takes only one poorly sealed opening for a small rodent to escape and be lost forever. Research carefully and choose the cage that makes the most sense to you. If you have a hamster, mouse, or gerbil, consider our list of the top ten best small

  • College student creates small animal rescue to help mid-Missouri's rabbits

    07/17/17 ,via Columbia Missourian

    Foster bunny Oreo sits in her open cage during her free play on Thursday. Emily Unterschutz currently has four foster bunnies at her home: two sisters, Valentina and Sally, and Valentina's two babies, Oreo and Peanut. Sally is separated from the babies 


  • Hamsters and Gerbils

    Grolier Academic Reference. 1997. ISBN: 0717290751,9780717290758. 48 pages.

    Describes the distinctive physical characteristics, natural habitat, diet, types, and domestic care required of these animals sometimes used as pets.

  • The Laboratory Hamster and Gerbil

    CRC Press. 1998. ISBN: 0849325668,9780849325663. 168 pages.

    The Laboratory Hamster and Gerbil details basic information and common procedures for individuals performing research with hamsters and gerbils. It includes duties of animal facility management, animal husbandry, regulatory compliance, and technical procedures and assists in the humane care and use of hamsters and gerbils in the laboratory. It provides quick, easy-to-use information for investigators, technicians, and animal caretakers and includes references to alternative procedures and...

  • The Hamster Handbook

    Barron's Educational Series. 2018. ISBN: 0764122940,9780764122941. 137 pages.

    Barron’s Pet Handbooks look very much like Barron’s Complete Pet Owner’s Manuals, but the Handbooks are larger—more pages, more text, more color photos, and more detailed pet-care advice. This brand-new title will be of special value to parents of younger kids who are keeping hamsters, to older children who can read the book on their own, and of course, to adults who keep hamsters as a hobby. The author explains everything hamster owners need to know about the animal’s life cycle, traits,...

  • Small Animal Care and Management

    Cengage Learning. 2018. ISBN: 0766814246,9780766814240. 434 pages.

    This second edition book explores the care and management of small or companion animals. It includes units on history, characteristics of different species, housing, equipment, handling, reproduction, diseases, and ailments. Key words, discussion questions, and activities engage readers and help them monitor their progress. Full-color photos help readers easily identify different species. This second edition includes related Internet sites for further study. This comprehensive text is useful...

  • Syrian Hamsters Or Golden Hamsters As Pets. Care, Cages Or Aquarium, Food, Habitat, Shedding, Feeding, Diet, Diseases, Toys, Names, All Included. Syri

    2013. ISBN: 3944701003,9783944701004. 124 pages.

    Would you like to know everything and learn more about Syrian Hamsters or Golden Hamsters as pets from their perspective? Crazy thought, right? This book covers all aspects of passionate Syrian Hamster, Golden Hamster and even Teddy Bear Hamster or Black Bear Hamster owners. Have you ever asked yourself how to care for and pamper a Syrian Hamster? Or have you wondered whether to keep your Syrian Hamster in a cage or aquarium? Are you still looking for a perfectly matching name for he or she?...

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  • 'Friends' remade with hamsters. Could they BE any cuter?

    10/02/15 ,via Mashable

    Your cheeks are stuffed. You're fluff. Your cage is full of hay. Friends is one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time, but what does that even mean if no hamsters were involved? Nothing, so we fixed it. See also: The many looks of each 'Friends ...

  • Book reviews: School-themed novels that make the grade

    10/01/15 ,via Sun Sentinel

    A wise and funny hamster shares his view of the classroom from his cage in Betty G. Birney’s “The World According to Humphrey.” Not one to simply spin his wheel, Humphrey squeaks his way into the hearts of the students in Room 26 (whom he amusingly ...

  • New printer will get RCC students thinking in three dimensions

    But because of a technology grant from the Pacific Power Foundation, he didn't have to. A hamster cage-sized case of gray and orange plastic — with an intricate mess of hardware and software inside — is the artist. It's a printer, but not the kind that ...

Unexpected Hamsters: Hamster cage drama llama
Unexpected Hamsters: Hamster cage drama llama
... Expanded Hamster Cage - Small Animal Cages & Gear at Hayneedle
... Expanded Hamster Cage - Small Animal Cages & Gear at Hayneedle
Hamster Cages
Hamster Cages

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