Electric Kitchen Hand Stand Mixer 5 Speed w/ 2 Beaters

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Electric Kitchen Hand Stand Mixer 5 Speed w/ 2 Beaters


Kitchenaid 5 Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer Review

Hi Guys, today I'm reviewing the Kitchenaid 5 Speed Hand Mixer. It's light enough to hold while you're mixing. The handles are well designed and the grip is ...


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    Reviewing The Collected Greed Parts 1-13 (Black Sparrow, 1984) in the Los Angeles Times, critic Kenneth Funsten heralded Diane Wakoski as "a mature poet, unimpressed by obfuscation or autobiography for their own sakes, but intent upon illuminating substance". That same clarity of vision and illuminating substance pervades this "new and selected" volume, which gathers together the long awaited "Greed: Part 14" along with all Wakoski's poems "written over the years concerning food and drink",...

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