Petmate 07610 Booda Large Soft Bite Hedgehog

Seller: by Booda Booda

Dog toys hedgehogbooda - soft bite Soft to bite, yet tough and durable. Long-lasting squeaking sound built-in. Washable synthetic plush fabrics. ...


How To Build A Hedgehog House

How to build a free Hedgehog House.


  • National Geographic Traveler New Zealand

    National Geographic Books. 2013. ISBN: 9781426211614,1426211619. 320 pages.

    Presents information on New Zealand's culture, history, and people; offers walking and driving tours enhanced by color-coded maps; and suggests excursions off the beaten path.

  • Lulu and the Hedgehog in the Rain

    Open Road Media. 2014. ISBN: 9781497698864,1497698863. 112 pages.

    Lulu loves animals. She knows that the hedgehog she rescued isn’t really a pet, but Lulu does want to make sure she’s all right. And so the Hedgehog Club is born. Everyone on the street agrees to keep an eye on the little hedgehog and keep it away from the road. But come wintertime the hedgehog disappears! Where could she have gone?

  • William the Hedgehog Boy

    Troubador Publishing Ltd. 2017. ISBN: 9781788031301,178803130X. 100 pages.

    After arguing with his mum about his new step-dad, William, a lonely, young schoolboy with a quick temper, comes across a group of boys throwing apples and sticks at a defenceless hedgehog.

  • Hedgehog's Home

    2011. ISBN: 1908236027,9781908236029. 24 pages.

    Meet Hedgemond the Hunter, a brave and stubborn little hedgehog. Down in the wild woods he proudly tends to his beloved house, but there are some animals who just can't understand what the fuss is about. Find out just how Hedgemond proves to the grumpy bear and the greedy boar that there is no place like home.

  • Journey to Antarctica

    Nelson Thornes. 2017. ISBN: 1869614887,9781869614881. 32 pages.

    Bridget Allen is going on an Antarctic adventure, but she's keeping in touch via email. to Antarctica and learn all about the extreme climate, the amazing ice formations, the magnificent wildlife, and the living conditions on the most isolated continent on earth.

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