CNN: How to spot hidden cameras

CNN's Josh Levs shows how to spot hidden cameras disguised as everyday objects.

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  • 7 frightening everyday items that are really hidden cameras

    04/13/17 ,via Indianapolis Star

    Hidden cameras are creepy. Here are some of the most devious items that are really hidden cameras. Spy pen. This device looks like a pen and even writes like a pen, but it holds a tiny camera. The lens shoots through a small circular opening just above

  • Hidden cameras in the women's bathroom, DMX raps, billion-dollar ...

    04/21/17 ,via Palm Beach Post (blog)

    To the uninitiated, the phrase "subprime mortgage servicer" sounds deadly dull. To followers of West Palm Beach-based Ocwen Financial Corp., the sobriquet 

  • Coat hooks could have hidden cameras inside, police warn - | San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Area News

    Santa Barbara County Sheriff's detectives arrested a man Wednesday in connection with the death of 28-year-old Elyse Marie Erwin of Santa Maria, who was found dead outside an Orcutt apartment building on Easter Sunday. Santa Barbara County Sheriff's 

  • Coat hooks could have hidden cameras inside, police warn

    Police are warning people to be on the lookout for coat hooks in public bathrooms that may look normal at first glance but could have a hidden camera inside. The hooks are marketed online as motion-activated nanny cams or hidden spy cams. Prices start

  • Coat Hooks with Hidden Cameras?

    04/17/17 ,via

    Last year, Florida police issued a statement saying that similar devices were found hidden in women's restrooms across the state. At first the white hook seems normal, but a closer look reveals these hooks contain a hidden camera inside the hook. USA, LLC Outlet Hidden Camera
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  • Hidden Cameras, Hidden Microphones

    1998. 99 pages.
  • Hidden Cameras

    Jessica Kingsley Publishers. 2016. ISBN: 9781784501365,1784501360. 224 pages.

    The complete and authoritative guide to the use of hidden cameras to expose abuse or wrongdoing. Secret filming is no longer the preserve of specialists, professional journalists and private investigators. Drawing on the author's own experience producing undercover documentaries and wearing secret cameras, this book explains covert recording for the general public, including specific advice on the practicalities of using a phone or covert camera to record evidence. It considers the legal and...

  • Focus on robbery

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  • Electronic Media Law

    SAGE. 2005. ISBN: 1412905885,9781412905886. 447 pages.

    Electronic Media Law is written for mass media students, not for future lawyers, so the text is straightforward and explains "legalese." The author covers First Amendment law, political broadcasting rules, broadcast content regulations, FCC rules for station operations, cable regulation, media ownership rules, media liability lawsuits, intrusive newsgathering methods, media restrictions during wartime, libel, privacy, copyright, advertising law, freedom of information, cameras in the court,...

  • Hidden Camera

    Dalkey Archive Press. 2017. ISBN: 1564784126,9781564784124. 217 pages.

    An undertaker finds an invitation to a private showing of a movie stuck in his apartment door. Upon arrival at the theater, he discovers that there's only one other person in the audience, and when the "movie" turns out to be footage of him sitting in a park calmly eating his lunch, he becomes convinced that he's an unwitting participant in a sinister reality show, whose unseen cameras are determined to humiliate him in front of thousands of people. Certain that he's being filmed at every...

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