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  • Mommy's High Heel Shoes

    2018. ISBN: 0981756522,9780981756523. 32 pages.

    After Mommy leaves for work, her children play with the many shoes in her closet. The story explores the subject of why mothers work and celebrates a working mother's relationship with her children. Hidden pictures are included in each page.

  • Walk a Mile in My High Heels

    Longstreet Press. 1998. ISBN: 1563524724,9781563524721. 72 pages.

    Marnie Winston-Macauley, author of the bestselling HE SAYS/SHE SAYS and MEN WE LOVE TO HATE, turns our sexist world upside-down with a quick flip of the mirror. The results are hilarious (for women who've been there) and perhaps discomfiting (for men who are not quite aware). Combined with Don Smith's dead-on illustrations, Winston-Macauley's wit gives 20th-Century Man one last good shake before the new millennium. 70 illustrations.

  • God Loves High Heels

    iUniverse. 2002. ISBN: 9780595228157,0595228151. 404 pages.

    God Loves High Heels. The Triumphant Spirit of Women Vs. The Crimes And Restraints Of Religious Government. Constitutional Equal Rights For American Women, When, Mr. Christian? Ever ask yourself, "Golly, how did the Western World become so monstrously sexist?" Well, God Loves High Heels asked that very question. Now, God Loves High Heels presents: Answers!

  • High Heel Heaven

    Ryland Peters & Small. 2013. ISBN: 1849754446,9781849754446. 128 pages.

    They inject glamor, femininity, and sex appeal to any ensemble. From classic to tribal and luxe to vintage, there is a shoe out there to fit every foot and this invaluable guide will highlight some of the most exquisite examples of stilettos one could ever be tempted to wear. Beginning with the history of shoes, Tracy Martin explores the origins of the high heel, explaining how it has evolved to become the most desirable of all footwear. Quirky facts, famous quotes, and interesting anecdotes...

  • Dancing Backwards in High Heels

    Hazelden Publishing. 1994. ISBN: 0894869981,9780894869983. 192 pages.

    Whether we are survivors of a difficult childhood, career women trying to do it all, or women simply caught in a web of vague expectations, Dancing Backwards in High Heels helps us achieve our potential and live with confidence. Author Patricia O'Gorman shows us how to work with our own style of resilience by identifying what has helped us survive in the past and explains how to draw upon these experiences to manage the changes that life brings.

High Heel Shoes Collection
High Heel Shoes Collection
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... high-heel-shoes-platform-pumps-woman-open-toe-wedding-shoes-high-heels
Green Glitter High Heel Shoes
Green Glitter High Heel Shoes

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