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  • Pictured: Bodybuilder 'caught with ice stashed up his backside' - just HOURS after being jailed for dealing meth

    07/31/17 ,via Daily Mail

    A north Queensland bodybuilder sentenced to jail for dealing ice has allegedly been caught with the same drug stashed up his backside just hours after leaving court. Christos Panagakos, 25, was sentenced in the Supreme Court in Mackay last Thursday to 

  • Why did the crowd at St Pancras Station gather to watch Teesside's Brooke, 8?

    07/31/17 ,via Gazette Live

    “I even got a message from a woman who worked in the ice cream shop opposite. She'd been watching and loved Brooke's singing, she said she was absolutely beautiful and asked how she'd done in the competition.” TeenStar is the UK's biggest search for 

  • Watch mad scientists make cocktails out of fire and ice - then try them yourself at the Glasgow Science Centre

    07/27/17 ,via Glasgow Live

    Tickets for the Glasgow Science Centre's monthly late night sessions have been flying out the door since the adults-only sessions began earlier this year - and we have a feeling the latest one will be the most popular yet. Head there on Friday, August

  • Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke on Jon and Daenerys meeting: 'She doesn't like him'

    07/31/17 ,via Telegraph.co.uk

    While fans have been anticipating the union of fire and ice for years – especially those who read George RR Martin's novels considerably before the television series even existed – what resulted between the Mother of Dragons and the King in the North

  • Mexican teenager dies after drinking liquid meth in front of smiling US border officers

    07/31/17 ,via The Independent

    Minutes later, the officers watch the teenager take yet more sips. In total, he took four drinks. The contents of the bottles were later found to be 100 times stronger than a typical dose of methamphetamine. Within minutes the boy was sweating


  • A Farewell to Ice

    Oxford University Press. 2017. ISBN: 9780190691172,0190691174. 256 pages.

    Based on five decades of research and observation, a haunting and unsparing look at the melting ice caps, and what their disappearance will mean. Peter Wadhams has been studying ice first-hand since 1970, completing 50 trips to the world's poles and observing for himself the changes over the course of nearly five decades. His conclusions are stark: the ice caps are melting. Following the hottest summer on record, sea ice in September 2016 was the thinnest in recorded history. There is now the...

  • The World’s Worst Children 3: Fiendishly funny new short stories for fans of David Walliams books

    HarperCollins UK. 2018. ISBN: 9780008304614,0008304610. 288 pages.

    From the phenomenal number-one bestseller David Walliams comes another collection of more hilariously horrible children! Illustrated in glorious and gruesome colour by artist genius, Tony Ross, these stories will appal and delight young readers.

  • Building Sustainability with the Arts

    Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 2017. ISBN: 9781527504257,1527504255. 431 pages.

    Environmental art or ‘ecoart’ is a burgeoning field and includes a wide variety of practices, some of which are exemplified in this collection: from sculptures or installations made from discarded rubbish to intimate ephemeral artworks placed in the natural environment, or from theatrical presentations incorporated into environmental education programs to socially critical paintings. In some cases, the artworks aim to create indignation in the viewer, sometimes to educate, sometimes to create...

  • SIKU: Knowing Our Ice

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2010. ISBN: 9789048185863,9048185866. 501 pages.

    By exploring indigenous people’s knowledge and use of sea ice, the SIKU project has demonstrated the power of multiple perspectives and introduced a new field of interdisciplinary research, the study of social (socio-cultural) aspects of the natural world, or what we call the social life of sea ice. It incorporates local terminologies and classifications, place names, personal stories, teachings, safety rules, historic narratives, and explanations of the empirical and spiritual connections...

  • Law, Obligation, Community

    Routledge. 2018. ISBN: 9781351403696,1351403699. 272 pages.

    Against an ever-expanding and diversifying ‘rights talk’, this book re-opens the question of obligation from not only legal but also ethical, sociological and political perspectives. Its premise is that obligation has a primacy ahead of rights, because rights attach to practices and modes of being that are already saturated with obligations. Obligations thus lie at the core not just of law but of community. Yet the distinctive meanings, range and situations of obligation have tended to remain...

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