Apple iPad mini with Retina Display (White vs Black): Unboxing & Overview

Detailed look at the new iPad mini with Retina Display, complete with benchmarking, speed tests, camera demos, and a comparison to the standard iPad mini ...

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    07/26/17 ,via Macworld UK

    The iMac isn't the only Mac here to offer a Retina display though. If you are looking for a laptop with a great display you have two choices from this line up: the MacBook Pro and the MacBook. (The MacBook Air display is just 1440x900 pixels and the

  • iFixit Debuts New Fix Kits for At-Home Retina MacBook Pro Battery Replacement

    07/06/17 ,via Mac Rumors

    The rest of the screen is fine, but part only shows white. Apple's support page says they charge $300 to replace an iPad mini 4 screen, and a new one, with twice the storage she has, is $400. I checked iFixit's site on replacing a mini 4 screen and no

  • Apple Exchanging Some 2012 and Early 2013 MacBook Pros Needing Battery Service With Newer Models [Updated]

    07/26/17 ,via Mac Rumors

    Due to a severe constraint of top case assemblies with glued-in batteries, however, Apple has informed its Genius Bar employees and Apple Authorized Service Providers it is currently unable to service the batteries of 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina

  • iPad Proの書き味を向上させるペーパーライク フィルムの実力をチェック

    08/01/17 ,via Engadget 日本版

    Apple PencilがあればiPad Pro体験が向上するのは、過去のレビューでわかりました。しかし、ガラス面にプラスチックのペン先が滑るタッチは少々硬く、紙にペンや鉛筆で書く感触とは若干異なります。そこで、iPadのスクリーンを紙の書き味に近づけるフィルムを試してみました。

  • Best iPhone Game Updates: 'Elder Scrolls Legends', 'Phoenix 2', 'Nimian Legends', 'Injustice', and More

    07/31/17 ,via Touch Arcade

    The Armor Wars event is a sort-of mini-event to fill in the gap until Defenders hits Netflix. It pits Tony Stark against the Crimson Dynamo, and it includes a lot of Iron Man odds and ends. Riri Williams They made this once-iPad exclusive title


  • iPad: The Missing Manual

    "O'Reilly Media, Inc.". 2012. ISBN: 9781449330576,1449330576. 368 pages.

    Apple’s third-generation iPad has a new, razor-sharp Retina display and a robust processor that will dazzle you with their looks and speed, but you won’t get far without an owner’s manual to all the tablet’s features. This comprehensive guide shows you how to transfer media to your iPad, sync and shop wirelessly, tap into WiFi and 4G cellular networks, and use iTunes for media management. The important stuff you need to know: Build your media library. Fill your iPad with music, photos,...

  • Using iPhones, iPads, and iPods

    Rowman & Littlefield. 2014. ISBN: 9781442226883,1442226889. 210 pages.

    Using iPhones and iPads: A Practical Guide for Librarians offers library professionals a clear path to Apple readiness. The authors combine their experience in library public services and mobile technology to provide easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions to help you get up to speed.

  • iPad mini For Dummies

    John Wiley & Sons. 2014. ISBN: 9781118933541,1118933540. 384 pages.

    Find out why the iPad mini has never been bigger This new edition of iPad mini For Dummies covers all the latest tips and tricks for getting an even bigger bang out of your iPad mini. Presented in full-color and written in the straightforward but fun language that has defined the For Dummies brand for more than twenty years, this friendly guide walks you through the multitouch interface, going online, getting connected, packing your iPad mini with apps, games, e-books, photos, music, and...

  • My iPad mini

    Que Publishing. 2014. ISBN: 9780133886474,0133886476. 480 pages.

    Covers iOS 8 for all models of iPad mini My iPad mini helps you quickly get started with your new tablet, and use its features to look up information and perform day-to-day activities from anywhere, any time. Step-by-step instructions with callouts to iPad mini photos that show you exactly what to do. Help when you run into iPad mini problems or limitations. Tips and notes to help you get the most from your iPad mini. Full-color , step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your...

  • iPad for the Older and Wiser

    John Wiley & Sons. 2013. ISBN: 9781118635001,1118635000. 312 pages.

    Easy-to-follow, up-to-date advice on the new iPad and iPad Mini The over-50 crowd is keeping up with technology like never before and they're eager to learn what the new iPad has to offer them. If you fall into that category, then this book is for you! Featuring an accessible, full-color interior, this new edition gets you up and running on the latest software release and features of the iPad and iPad Mini, in addition to iOS 6. It also includes general information you won't want to miss no...

iPad Mini retina
iPad Mini retina
iPad Mini 2 : Prix, date de sortie et caractéristiques du nouvel iPad ...
iPad Mini 2 : Prix, date de sortie et caractéristiques du nouvel iPad ...
iPad mini Retina entièrement démonté
iPad mini Retina entièrement démonté

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