Champion Household 2000+ Juicer, White

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Champion Household 2000+ Masticating Juicer The Champion Household Juicer is designed for everyday, heavy-duty juicing capabilities. Besides juicing your favorite fruits and vegetables, the Champion Household Juicer allows you to easily make other foods that you and your family will love, such as: coconut milk, baby foods, fruit sauces, nut butters, ice creams, and sherbets. The options are...


Tested: Centrifugal vs. Masticating Juicers

Will and Norm get juiced this week while testing two recommended juicers that use different juice extraction techniques. One is a centrifugal juicer that uses a ...


  • The Juicing Book

    Penguin. 1989. ISBN: 089529253X,9780895292537. 164 pages.

    Gives recipes and advocates the use of the juice of fruits and vegetables for reliving certain physical ailments

  • The Everything Giant Book of Juicing

    F+W Media, Inc.. 2013. ISBN: 9781440557859,1440557853. 304 pages.

    Collects fresh and healthy juice recipes that help incorporate vitamin-rich foods into the diet, featuring juices that support detox and cleansing, weight loss, longevity and aging, and beautiful hair and skin.

  • Juicer Recipes For Different Juicers

    Speedy Publishing LLC. 2014. ISBN: 9781633832923,1633832929. 250 pages.

    Whether you are looking to improve your current health, or, looking to build on an existing, healthy, lifestyle, juicing is a fantastic way to go for both. While, it can be quite intimidating, juicing has fantastic benefits such as: clearer skin, better eyesight, and a more effective way to ensure proper ingestion of your daily fruit and vegetable quota. By investing in something, like a three book set of juicing recipes, you can avoid the hours of endless internet searching and trial and...

  • The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet

    Reboot Holdings. 2014. ISBN: 9781622740352,1622740351. 249 pages.

    A NEW YORK TIMES BEST-SELLER Since his documentary, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, was released in 2010 and became a worldwide sensation, Joe Cross has become a tireless advocate for the power of juicing. The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet brings us of the plan that allowed him to overcome obesity, poor health, and bad habits, and presents success stories from others whose lives he’s touched. Joe—who managed to lose one hundred pounds and discontinue all his medication by following his own plan—walks...

  • 46 Scrumptious Blender Recipes For Different Juicers & Blenders

    Speedy Publishing LLC. 2014. ISBN: 9781632877383,1632877384. 232 pages.

    This is a 4 In 1 box set compilation of 4 books. This compilation includes Juliana Baldec's 4 titles: Book 1: Clean Eating: 17 Eating Clean & Drinking Clean Recipes With High Speed Blenders Book 2: 16 Blender Recipes For Smoothie Diet & Detox Diet Book 3: Juicing Recipes For Vitality & Health Book 4: Smoothies Are Just Like You! Book 1, 2 & 3: When Juliana got started with smoothies, she was able to shed 20 pounds during a period of 2 month. Since then she has been able to keep that weight...

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