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Benefits of steam cleaning - Karcher

For all your Karcher steam cleaner spare parts go to http://bit.ly/1B6c9Wm In this video, Josh demonstrates a number of benefits of using a steam cleaner around ...


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  • Karcher unveils plans for Hotel Show 2015

    09/27/15 ,via Construction Week Online

    Karcher will showcase its steam-generating vacuum cleaner, the SGV 8/5, which is designed for use in deep cleaning critical areas such as kitchens. The firm will also display its spray-extraction cleaner Puzzi 30/4, intended for use on carpets and upholstery.

  • Steam Cleaners Suppliers serving Western Pennsylvania

    09/27/15 ,via ThomasNet.com

    Worldwide manufacturer & distributor of steam cleaners. Types include alkali cleaners, non-alkali cleaners, alkaline soaking cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners, line cleaners & electro cleaners. Markets served include bio pharmaceuticals, petro-chemical ...

  • Karcher offers cleaning tips for allergy sufferers

    06/16/15 ,via Construction Week Online

    RELATED ARTICLES: Karcher installs gantry car wash at Jordan palace | Karcher ... Cleaning without the use of chemicals is also possible with a steam cleaner such as the SC 1 Premium from Kärcher, which is ideal for ensuring hygienic cleanliness of ...

Karcher Steam Cleaner SC1020 - Karcher from Maxwells DIY UK
Karcher Steam Cleaner SC1020 - Karcher from Maxwells DIY UK
... Karcher Steam Cleaner SC1030 SC 1030 with Steam Iron - Floor Cleaner
... Karcher Steam Cleaner SC1030 SC 1030 with Steam Iron - Floor Cleaner
Karcher Steam Cleaner - BHS
Karcher Steam Cleaner - BHS
Image by www.bhs.co.uk

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