Bio Care Naturals FLY12 Jumbo Fly Trap

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Bio Care Naturals FLY12 Jumbo Fly Trap: Perfect for trapping pesky flies and insectsAll-natural attractant is effective for about 2 weeksReusable plastic outdoor trapFlies are captured and drown in the liquidNon-toxic trapSimple, non-toxic and re-useable trap to control fliesComes with one trap and lureLures lasts up to 2 weeksTrap is reusableFlies drown inside the trap, without using dangerous...



  • The Everything Lawn Care Book

    Adams Media. 2018. ISBN: 9781580624879,1580624871. 275 pages.

    A landscaping expert teaches homeowners how to customize their lawn care to fit their individual climate, usage, and maintenance level. Two-color with illustrations throughout. 8-page full-color insert.

  • The Organic Lawn Care Manual

    Storey Publishing. 2007. ISBN: 9781580176491,1580176496. 271 pages.

    Explains how to make a lawn safe and environmentally friendly using organic methods, and how to pick the best grass for each climate and sunlight situation.

  • Scotts Lawns

    Meredith Books. 2018. ISBN: 0696212706,9780696212703. 192 pages.

    A guide to lawn care provides tips, techniques, and advice for an attractive yard, covering such topics as mowing, weeding, fertilizing, and getting rid of pests.

  • Lawn Care Business Guide

    2009. ISBN: 057800724X,9780578007243. 176 pages.

    How to estimate; how to gain commercial customers; tips and tricks to make your business more profitable; add-on services to make you more money.

  • The New Lawn Expert

    Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.. 1997. ISBN: 0903505487,9780903505482. 128 pages.

    Get - and keep - the lawn of your dreams. The lawn is an important part of a well-planned garden, one which is 'on show' at all times. If your patch of grass doesn't measure up then The Lawn Expert is here to help, with advice on: How to mow, dress and feed your lawn. Dealing with pests and weeds. How to repair your lawn. Renovation of neglected lawns. Growing lawns from seed. How to lay turf. Meadows, wildflower meadows and non-grass lawns. Reliable, easy-to-follow advice and information...

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  • Lawn Care

    10/02/15 ,via Windom News

    When browsing our classifieds, simply scroll down through the ads listed. If there are additional pages of liners, you may click on the Next, Previous, or page number to view more classifieds. To select classified liners, click on the checkboxes next to ...

  • Autumn tips for pruning trees, lawn care

    10/02/15 ,via Green Bay Press-Gazette

    Is it a good practice to prune trees and shrubs in the fall? No, in most cases, pruning overgrown trees and shrubs in the fall should be avoided. Tree wound closure at this time of the year is slow, and it can split the wood and desiccate the cut ends.

  • Fall is good time to renovate your lawn

    10/02/15 ,via Brantford Expositor

    Once renovation is completed give the affected area time to establish itself. Readers are reminded whether they renovate or not to carry out the necessary lawn care. Reduce the cutting height in the fall gradually until the grass stops growing. Fertilize ...

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