London Clock Company - Mantel Clock Instructions

These are the instructions which came with our LCC mantel clock, for resetting the time correctly (to correspond with the correct number of chimes every hour.).


  • Catalogue of the Museum of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers of London

    2018. 95 pages.
  • Collecting Clocks Clock Repairs & Trademarks Index 2015. ISBN: 9781326252496,1326252496. 232 pages.

    A comprehensive book on collecting & repairing antique clocks or timepieces written for both the amateur or experienced in mind. How to tell what's wrong, What tools to use, where to get parts and how to fit them, using hundreds of photographs and diagrams making repairs within most peoples reach, a separate section deals with sympathetic restoration of the case. The Trademarks section includes thousands of clockmakers marks from all around the world, usually stamped on the movement itself...

  • Catalogue of the Library of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers of London, Preserved in the Guildhall Library, London

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    This old work contains a detailed history of the Guild of London Clockmakers, with information on its conception, its early development, its evolution, popularity, and more. This text constitutes a definitive history of 'The Worshipful Company', and will be of considerable value to those with a keen interest in the subject. Written in clear language and easy-to-digest, this text makes for a great addition to collections of allied literature, and is not to be missed by the discerning...

  • ‘A Clock for the Rooms’: The Horological Legacy of the Library Company of Philadelphia

    The Library Company of Phil. ISBN: 1422362760,9781422362761.

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