Makeup Collection & Storage ♡ Shaaanxo 2014

My Makeup: My updated makeup collection! I know you have been eagerly ...


  • Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen

    Taylor & Francis. 2018. ISBN: 9780240816968,024081696X. 499 pages.

    In the world of film and theatre, character transformation takes a lot of work, skill, and creativity. Dedicated solely to SFX, this book will show you tips and techniques from a seasoned SFX makeup artist with years of film, TV, and theatrical experience. Not only will this book take you through the many genres that need a special effects makeup artist, like horror, fantasy, and sci-fi, but it will also tell you about the tools you will need, how to maintain your toolkit, how to take care of...

  • Calvert Lignite Mine-TNP One Power Plant Project, Robertson County

  • Cedar Bay Cogeneration Facility Construction and Operation, Duval County

  • Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen

    Taylor & Francis. 2013. ISBN: 9781136060779,1136060774. 499 pages.

    Transforming an actor into a character for film or theater takes a great deal of skill, prowess, and creativity, and in this new edition, author Todd Debreceni empowers you with just those qualities. From his years of film, TV, and theatrical experience, he shows you tips and techniques that will have you applying your own makeup effects like a pro in no time. Along with walking you through genre-specific considerations (horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and so on) Todd also teaches you about the gear...

  • Skin Care & Makeup Tips & Tricks

    Lerner Publications. 2015. ISBN: 9781467786560,146778656X. 32 pages.

    It's tricky to keep your skin looking great—but the right healthy habits and the careful use of makeup can make a world of difference. It's as simple as knowing which products and treatments work best for your skin type, whether it's oily or dry. Once you're taking good care of your skin, it's easy to use makeup to enhance your natural beauty. Discover how to make your own skin-care products and perfume. And learn how to choose among different kinds of makeup, how to take care of your...

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