EnamoredWith Hand-Selected Pairings by Marc Jacobs

Seller: Marc Jacobs Beauty Marc Jacobs Beauty by Marc Jacobs Beauty Marc Jacobs Beauty

Become Enamored with Shine like 30 Coats of Lacquer - for Nail and Lip Marc personally hand-selected each of these brilliant Enamored pairings for the ultimate shine statement. #EnamoredWith Desire Featuring New Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer in Love Drunk, a rose-gold shimmer, and top-selling Enamored Hi-Shine Lacquer in Petra, a bronze metallic shimmer. #EnamoredWith Seduction Featuring New...


Made in Italy: Marc Jacobs Handbags

Ever wonder what goes into making a Marc Jacobs bag? Watch how they are made by hand in Italy. Copyright(c) 2012 Marc Jacobs International, LLC. All rights ...


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Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Black Hobo - Bag at You
Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Black Hobo - Bag at You
Image by bagatyou.com
Marc Jacobs Bag Purse Diagonal Bags Handbag
Marc Jacobs Bag Purse Diagonal Bags Handbag
Marc Jacobs Bags Apple Red...
Marc Jacobs Bags Apple Red...
Image by quoteko.com

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