Marine 10,000K Fluorescent Aquarium Lamp

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About the Marine 10,000K Fluorescent The Marine 10,000 Fluorescent lamp is a purified super-daylight lamp that simulates the high-intensity lumen output of the midday tropical sun. It contains color-enhancing phosphors to emit sparkling, blue-white light rays. Aquarium fluorescent lamp that simulates the intensity of midday sunSimulates the high-intensity lumen output of the midday tropical...


Reef Aquarium June 2013

A bit of splendor assembled from the world´s oceans can be observed around and within the reef of this 660 gallon tank. In addition to the two Moray Eels and ...


  • Your First Marine Aquarium

    Barron's Educational Series. 2018. ISBN: 0764136755,9780764136757. 95 pages.

    (back cover) Information and advice to help you maintain an optimal environment for marine life . . . Your marine aquarium: correct water chemistry, temperature, and more Expert advice: all important aspects of saltwater aquarium maintenance explained Appreciating marine life: populating your tank with fish, shellfish, corals, and more Step-by-step directions for daily care Informative checklists and sidebars Filled with handsome full-color photos (picture caption) Setting up a marine...

  • The Marine Reef Aquarium

    Barron's Educational Series. 2018. ISBN: 0764160230,9780764160233. 208 pages.

    (back cover) This book focuses on developing a system using natural rock and sand as the foundation for a sustainable reef aquarium. Detailed step-by-step guidance throughout. Features more than 400 photos and illustrations.

  • The Marine Aquarium Handbook

    1992. 318 pages.
  • The Book of the Marine Aquarium

    2002. ISBN: 1842860755,9781842860755. 400 pages.
  • The New Marine Aquarium

    Microcosm Limited. 1999. ISBN: 1890087521,9781890087524. 144 pages.

    Creating a beautiful, thriving first saltwater aquarium has never been easier, using the natural, simplified methods learned and practiced by the world's leading reef hobbyists. By helping newcomers avoid the pitfalls of outdated, high-maintenance filtration techniques, the author offers an easy-to-follow route to long-term success with live rock, appropriate equipment, aquascaping, disease prevention, and essential husbandry techniques. Includes a photographic guide to selecting fishes, with...

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