Marshall Major Headphones Unboxing (White)

Buy the Marshall Major for less here - MY 2ND CHANNEL This is an unboxing and overview of the Marshall ... USA, LLC Vibe 24-Pack Juicys Comfort Earbud Stereo Headphones Six Colors with Display Box

Turn heads while you're rocking out with VIBE Juicys Comfort Stereo Earbuds! This pack of earbuds will have you set for life! With twenty-four sets of earbuds in six different fruit-themed colors, your earbuds are sure to turn heads. Whether you need privacy when listening to your MP3 player,...

eGlobal Central Beyerdynamic DT880 Edition (32 Ohms) Dynamic Headphone
Electronics & Computers

The DT 880 Edition is the classic among the premium headphones from beyerdynamic. Music lovers delight in its natural vibrant sound as well as its excellent spacious reproduction. The DT 880 Edition attenuates ambient noise but does not exclude it completely and thus conveys a harmonious sound...

eGlobal Central Sennheiser HD380 Pro On-Ear Headphones
Electronics & Computers

These collapsible high-end headphones are ideal for professional monitoring use. The HD 380 Pro offer a closed circumaural design which provides excellent passive attenuation of ambient noise while Sennheiser s Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement (E.A.R) technology channels the audio signal directly...

HandHelditems Numark HF125 Professional DJ Headphones
Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics, DJ & Specialty Audio, CLARITY AND COMFORT FOR THE MODERN DJOne place a DJ can't compromise, is in how they hear their mix. The Numark HF-125 headphone set delivers the goods with flexible 7-position independently adjustable dual ear cups, large 40mm Mylar speaker drivers, 6'...

$99.48 USA, LLC Just Mobile Headphone Hanger

The HeadStand Headphone Stand from Just Mobile is a desktop headphone stand for hanging your favorite headphones. Engineered from aluminum, the HeadStand keeps your headphones in close reach. The HeadStand's dual-layered aluminum base even features a storage space to coil your headphone cable...



  • Are They Really Reading?

    Stenhouse Publishers. 2002. ISBN: 9781571103376,1571103376. 166 pages.

    All too often the poorest readers learn that if they keep quiet during sustained silent reading (SSR), they're doing okay—no reading required. This is especially true in middle school where class sizes are large and instructional emphasis is on content rather than reading. In Are They Really Reading?, Jodi Crum Marshall discusses how to find out if your students are using SSR time wisely and what to do about it if they're not. Her book describes how to support middle-grade readers who need it...

  • The Smashing Idea Book

    John Wiley & Sons. 2011. ISBN: 9781119977421,1119977428. 402 pages.

    Presents a collection of design ideas and more than seven hundred examples from websites to help create an effective Web site.

  • The High Performance Marshall Handbook

    1994. ISBN: 093322480X,9780933224803. 55 pages.
  • Hip Hop Headphones

    Bloomsbury Publishing USA. 2016. ISBN: 9781501308260,1501308262. 296 pages.

    Hip Hop Headphones is a crash course in Hip Hop culture. Featuring definitions, lectures, academic essays, and other scholarly discussions and resources, Hip Hop Headphones documents the scholarship of Dr. James B. Peterson, founder of Hip Hop Scholars-an organization devoted to developing the educational potential of Hip Hop. Defining Hip Hop from multi-disciplinary perspectives that embrace the elemental forms of Hip Hop Culture (b-boying, dj-ing, rapping, and graffiti art), Hip Hop...

  • Peripheral

    Zeth Ward. 2011. ISBN: 9781463587833,146358783X. 390 pages.

    ###### TOP 2 Best Seller* ###### James was a product of the project Les Enfants de la Création (literally translated as The Children of Creation). After a mysterious and troubling childhood he is found, shortly after his 14th birthday, by Sophie Hedge. Sophie, the daughter of one of the project scientists, explains that each child produced by the project has been genetically manipulated to improve aspects of their natural abilities. These abilities take several forms and it's only during...

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