Marshall Minor Earphones

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After half a century of touring with some of the world's greatest musicians, Marshall knows a thing or two about sound. Marshall Minor earphones combine advanced sound technology with "on-the-road" durability to stand up to the toughest gigs. Marshall's EarClick technology ingeniously secures the earphone into your ear for minimizing outside noise while delivering every note to the max. Minors...


Marshall Major Headphones Unboxing (White)

Buy the Marshall Major for less here - MY 2ND CHANNEL This is an unboxing and overview of the Marshall ...


  • 时尚有价

    清華大學出版社. 2018. ISBN: 9787302426554,7302426554. 149 pages.


  • 時尚有價


    我寫此書及以插畫的形式表現品牌的目的,是以輕鬆的手法讓讀者瞭解一些品牌的背景,以 及讓他們更明白到品牌的營造是需時的。大家現在見到外國高端品牌那麼成功,影響那麼深遠,要知道很多 都是經歷數十甚至數百年才有今日的地位,而歐洲人對歷史文物和藝術又是那麼專重,所以品牌的孕育需時 間沉澱才能成為傳奇。此外,除了介紹一些國內熱門的國際品牌外,我也引入一些有實力有品質的品牌給大 家認識。讀者更會發現這裏所列舉的並非單指服飾,還有個人嗜好如車、食品、酒、家具等,因“時尚”的 意思並非單指服裝,還包括個人品位。上次的《時裝有品》給讀者認識時裝概念,今次的《時尚有價》就讓 大家認識品牌的背後故事!希望大家喜歡。 最後謝謝家人對我的支持,及插畫團隊成員 Alice、Filiz、Jack、Mario、mr. cardigan、Rachel、Roxanne、 Sam 及 Stella 的幫助才能成事!當然兩位重量級人物 Ms. Gladys Perint Palmer 及呂越教授給我寫序,讓此書生 色不少! Thank you so much !

  • The Smashing Idea Book

    John Wiley & Sons. 2011. ISBN: 9781119977421,1119977428. 402 pages.

    Presents a collection of design ideas and more than seven hundred examples from websites to help create an effective Web site.

  • The High Performance Marshall Handbook

    1994. ISBN: 093322480X,9780933224803. 55 pages.
  • Hip Hop Headphones

    Bloomsbury Publishing USA. 2016. ISBN: 9781501308277,1501308270. 296 pages.

    Hip Hop Headphones is a crash course in Hip Hop culture. Featuring definitions, lectures, academic essays, and other scholarly discussions and resources, Hip Hop Headphones documents the scholarship of Dr. James B. Peterson, founder of Hip Hop Scholars-an organization devoted to developing the educational potential of Hip Hop. Defining Hip Hop from multi-disciplinary perspectives that embrace the elemental forms of Hip Hop Culture (b-boying, dj-ing, rapping, and graffiti art), Hip Hop...

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