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From its amber waves of grain to its purple mountain majesties, America is the land of the free and the home of the brave, indeed. Now, you can wrap yourself in American pride and stylish comfort with the Land of the Free Men's Jacket, a custom men's apparel design exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Superbly crafted in distressed brown leather with a custom wash, this classically styled...


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    07/31/17 ,via New York Times

    He was, for so many, the archetypal American male given flesh and form (and a leather jacket). He was born in the heartland and worked on ranches in Duarte, Calif., where his family owned an avocado farm. He rode horses, sheared sheep, picked oranges, 

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    Models preparing before Mr. Chavarria's men's wear show. The leather jacket and oversize shirt merge two very dissimilar cultures. Credit John Taggart for The . “I wanted to use my past and the beautiful things that emerged from growing

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    Jesse and Victor make up the affable father-and-son team that runs this cozy Bangkok tailor located two doors down from the Landmark Hotel, tailoring exclusively for men. The changing room is covered floor-to-ceiling with name cards of the customers

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    Weekends are all about relaxing and being comfortable. Update your off-duty wardrobe with these stylish staples. Key pieces such as leather and bomber jackets are must-haves. Go-to shirts and chinos are essential and denim continues to stand the test

  • Fast Fashion: Three Menswear Collaborations Rooted in Motorsport

    07/20/17 ,via Robb Report

    For those not planning to ride off on the new 162 horsepower monster, Diesel's capsule collection—a leather jacket, moto-style denim, and a selection of t-shirts—is an equally accurate mating of aesthetics that will be a solid look once the summer


  • The Black Leather Jacket

    Plexus Pub. 2018. ISBN: 0859654109,9780859654104. 109 pages.

    Ever since a leather-jacketed Marlon Brando slouched across the screen in The Wild One, the jacket’s mixture of animal magnetism, brooding menace, and sexual provocation has made it a must-have for hipsters, rebels, and fashionistas. This entertaining book chronicles the leather jacket from its roots among World War I flying aces to its present incarnation in high fashion. Along the way, it shows how every generation and subculture -- including the Hell’s Angels, beats, punks, movie stars,...

  • Fashion and Costume in American Popular Culture

    Greenwood Publishing Group. 1996. ISBN: 0313294127,9780313294129. 279 pages.

    Provides a convenient and unique look at fashion and costume literature and how it has developed historically. Discusses subjects from jeans to wedding dresses.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Leather Clothing

    Lulu Press, Inc. 2015. ISBN: 9781329662155,1329662156.

    Although considerably enhanced, the modern methods of processing leather into clothing, shoes or other accessories rely on the wisdom, knowledge and craftsmanship of the ancestors. In modern society, it has become a commodity and it not only serves for practical purposes, but also for aesthetical ones. Luxurious leather clothing or accessories such as gloves, shoes, luggage, coats, are very fashionable and highly requested. In this ebook, you'll find helpful tips on: Clear And Unbiased Facts...

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    You want to dress better but don ́t know how? Learn the basics of Men ́s Style with this book within an hour. Build an interchangeable wardrobe within a week with less money and become the best dressed man in the room.

  • Soldiers and Their Families of the California Mission Frontier

    The Rosen Publishing Group. 2018. ISBN: 0823962857,9780823962853. 64 pages.

    Soldiers of the California Mission Frontier and Their Families explains why Spain sent soldiers to California, and paints a picture of what life was like for the soldiers living and working at the California missions and presidios. There to protect the padres and the Native Americans who lived on the missions, the soldiers also made these communities their home. They raised families, worked the land, and formed relationships with the people they had come to protect. The book also explains...

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