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  • Microwave for One

    1987. ISBN: 1852250437,9781852250430. 159 pages.
  • Stop Screaming At The Microwave

    Simon and Schuster. 1999. ISBN: 9780684865027,0684865025. 240 pages.

    AN OVERFLOWING IN-BOX...AN OVERFLOWING SINK FULL OF DIRTY BREAKFAST DISHES...IS THIS WHAT THE EXPERTS MEAN BY "HAVING IT ALL"? You've organized, prioritized, delegated, and simplified, and you still don't have enough time for your family, your spouse, your friends, your boss -- much less yourself! You're a veteran of the time-management wars, fighting for the life balance ideal -- and you're losing. So, short of quitting your job and running away from home, what do you do when you can't keep...

  • Microwave Gourmet

    Harper Collins. 1998. ISBN: 9780688157920,0688157920. 576 pages.

    Featuring a dictionary of ingredients detailing cooking times and preparation, this comprehensive cookbook-encyclopedia comprises more than three hundred recipes

  • High Power Microwaves, Second Edition

    CRC Press. 2007. ISBN: 1420012061,9781420012064. 552 pages.

    The first edition of High Power Microwaves was considered to be the defining book for this field. Not merely updated but completely revised and rewritten, the second edition continues this tradition. Written from a systems perspective, the book provides a unified, coherent presentation of the fundamentals in this rapidly changing field. The presentation is broad and introductory, with the flavor of a survey, yet not elementary. The authors cover all the major types of microwave sources, their...

  • Microwave/RF Applicators and Probes

    William Andrew. 2015. ISBN: 9780323328425,0323328423. 440 pages.

    Microwave/RF Applicators and Probes for Material Heating, Sensing, and Plasma Generation, Second Edition, encompasses the area of high-frequency applicators and probes for material interactions as an integrated science. Based on practical experience rather than entirely on theoretical concepts, and emphasizing phenomenological explanations and well-annotated figures, the book represents one of the most important resources on the topics of microwave technologies, applications of RF and...

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