INK+IVY Mira 200TC Shower Curtain - Blue - 72x72

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Mira Showers - Step by Step Guide to Installing Mira Agile Mixer Showers

Mira Showers walk you through a step-by-step guide on how easy it is to install the new Mira Agile mixer valves. These great valves offer push fit connection for ...


  • Innovation and Business Partnering in Japan, Europe and the United States

    Routledge. 2006. ISBN: 9781134142422,1134142420. 176 pages.

    Innovation studies and partnering/collaborative alliances are rapidly growing areas of interest. Originally combining the two areas, this book examines the role of business partnering as a pathway to innovation for small and medium enterprises – SMEs. This text outlines global and regional trends, focusing in particular on the role of Poland and Eastern Europe as an emerging region for new innovative ideas, how innovation is promoted in the United States, and how it is facilitated in Japan....

  • Plumbing

    Routledge. 2018. ISBN: 9780750684347,0750684348. 540 pages.

    Suitable for students setting out for a career in plumbing, this book helps them study for their Technical Certificate and Level 2 NVQ. It guides you through the key areas and processes in plumbing, from the basics through cold and hot water systems to health and safety and best practice on site.

  • Forgotten

    Kari Holloway. 2017.

    The supernatural walk among us, and nowhere is that truer than in New Orleans. The happiest days have turned to disasters. Wedding parties have been attacked, and brides and grooms have even been killed. When the local police can't solve it, help comes from the only place equipped to handle rogue supes--The Supernatural Council's special forces, the Guardians. Alex and her theriomorphic crew must get to the bottom of what is actively hunting in New Orleans before someone else dies and the...

  • Fluid Handling

  • AJfocus


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