Live-Capture Mouse Traps

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plastic bottle mouse trap (패트병 쥐덫)

Homemade rat trap * Can be made very easily * The material is simple * PET Bottle recycling * Trap animals My blog ; ...


  • Mouse Trap

    2018. ISBN: 0977375811,9780977375813. 202 pages.

    Read one Cast Member's stories of backstage areas, fights, fires, private parties, orientation, cast events, cast romance, pranks, stupid guest tricks, mishaps, accidents, helping to create the Haunted Mansion Holiday, and working on September 11, 2001. But this is no mere listing of things that go wrong at Disneyland. For the first time, readers can experience what it's like to really work at Disneyland, from the mundane to the extravagant. The book is aimed primarily at current and former...

  • Mousetraps

    Carolrhoda Books. 2008. ISBN: 9780761346432,0761346430. 192 pages.

    When Maxie's best friend from elementary school returns years later after a horrible act of violence against him, Maxie feels guilty about how she treated him and conflicted over whether or not she wants to befriend him again.

  • Cat Flaps and Mouse Traps

    John Blake. 2018. ISBN: 1844544745,9781844544745. 274 pages.

    Why did Isaac Newton invent the cat flap? How did the first mousetrap come about? Why did it take nearly 20 years to make sliced bread? From the moment the alarm clock wakes us up in the morning until the time we switch the light off at night, we are surrounded by things without which our lives would be impossible: microwaves, televisions, cars, cell phones, and credit cards—the list is endless. Yet how often do we consider how such miniature wonders of our lives came about, who invented...

  • Mousetraps and the Moon

    Lexington Books. 2000. ISBN: 0739101587,9780739101582. 290 pages.

    In Mousetraps and the Moon, Robert Wilcocks offers a trenchant reappraisal of Freud and the origins of psychoanalysis in the late 19th century. Commenting on Freud's relationship with Wilhelm Fliess and his enthusiasm for the works of Rudyard Kipling, this book goes farther than most contemporary critiques of Freud and calls for a "massive re-evaluation" of his legacy both as a response to human suffering and as an approach to literary criticism.

  • Animal Traps and Trapping

    COCH Y BONDDU BOOKS. 2003. ISBN: 0954211774,9780954211776. 288 pages.

    This is James Bateman's classic account of the history of animal traps which has become the standard work on the history of animal trapping. Animals of all kinds are covered, including mammals, birds, insects, fish and crustaceans.

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