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How Neon Signs Are Made

This video will give you a brief insight as to how neon signs are actually made from the Discovery Channel's "How Its Made". Once you are finished watching, ...


  • Vintage Neon

    Schiffer Pub Limited. 1999. ISBN: 0764308572,9780764308574. 190 pages.

    Neon signs turned North America's roadside into a luminous wonderland in the mid-20th century. These unforgettable depictions of exploding bowling pins, crashing cars, baton twirling majorettes, and lassoing cowboys were the fodder for legend and lore. Neon designer Len Davidson has captured their magic with over 350 photos of superb vintage signs. In the text, voices of neon sign makers, shopkeepers, photographers, and preservationists record their legends in words, while a definitive photo...

  • Neon Signs of Service

    2001. ISBN: 0971537003,9780971537002. 153 pages.
  • Flickering Light

    Reaktion Books. 2013. ISBN: 9781780231273,178023127X. 208 pages.

    Without neon, Las Vegas might still be a sleepy desert town in Nevada and Times Square merely another busy intersection in New York City. Transformed by the installation of these brightly colored signs, these destinations are now world-famous, representing the vibrant heart of popular culture. But for some, neon lighting represents the worst of commercialism. Energized by the conflicting love and hatred people have for neon, Flickering Light explores its technological and intellectual...

  • Neon Techniques

    ST Publications, Incorporated. 1997. ISBN: 0944094279,9780944094273. 233 pages.
  • Beyond the Neon Lights

    Univ of California Press. 2004. ISBN: 9780520243781,0520243781. 456 pages.

    How did people live through the extraordinary changes that have swept across modern China? How did peasants transform themselves into urbanites? This study weaves documentary data with ethnographic surveys and interviews to reconstruct the fabric of everyday life in Shanghai in early 20th century.

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  • Tim Tebow makes quite the splash as he displays sculpted six pack in neon trunks

    10/02/15 ,via Daily Mail

    The star's signature move eventually became an Internet sensation and was known as Tebowing. 'Just the sign of getting on a knee shows humility and shows that you're putting something else or someone else first,' he said to Hannah Storm on ABC in 2012.

  • Nye's sign project in Conway needs cash

    10/01/15 ,via My Horry News

    Jerry Stevens said the people who last painted the sign left the holes in it in case someone ever wanted to put the neon back in, and the company still has the glass for the neon portion of the sign. Replacing the neon isn’t part of the current plan ...

  • Uncle Mort banished to the woodshed

    10/01/15 ,via Cleburne Times-Review

    One was glitzy and new, across Main Street from the county courthouse. It featured a blinking neon sign bragging “best hamburgers in the world.” A second one, down the street, was well-worn, but it had a faded sign proclaiming “best hamburgers in ...

Traditional Open Neon Sign
Traditional Open Neon Sign
5ROCKET Rocket Diner Neon Sign, Neonetics
5ROCKET Rocket Diner Neon Sign, Neonetics
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5BUDPO Budweiser Poker Neon Sign, Neonetics
5BUDPO Budweiser Poker Neon Sign, Neonetics
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