Adventures in Tech - Netbooks: What were we thinking? These oft-ridiculed, low-powered laptops were crushed by the iPad, but had an important part to play in the story of computing. Check it out ...


  • Netbooks: The Missing Manual

    "O'Reilly Media, Inc.". 2009. ISBN: 1449379486,9781449379483. 336 pages.

    Netbooks are the hot new thing in PCs -- small, inexpensive laptops designed for web browsing, email, and working with web-based programs. But chances are you don't know how to choose a netbook, let alone use one. Not to worry: with this Missing Manual, you'll learn which netbook is right for you and how to set it up and use it for everything from spreadsheets for work to hobbies like gaming and photo sharing. Netbooks: The Missing Manual provides easy-to-follow instructions and lots of...

  • Getting StartED with Netbooks

    Apress. 2011. ISBN: 9781430225027,1430225025. 424 pages.

    You've found your perfect communications partner. Tiny, light, and inexpensive, netbooks are an ideal match if you need to keep in touch with work, family, and friends wherever you go. Tech mag guru Nancy Nicolaisen helps you to make the right choices about your netbook, from empowering you as a savvy shopper to showing you how netbooks and other mobile Internet devices can make your life easier, perhaps even better! Share the visions and aspirations of major market innovators in exclusive...

  • Windows Netbooks

    Apress. 2009. ISBN: 9781430224006,1430224002. 224 pages.

    Netbooks are lightweight, and easy to use. And best of all is the low price. Whether you already own a netbook or are considering purchasing one, the good news doesn’t end there, however. Throw in some free open source and "cloud computing" software and you’ve got yourself a powerful little computer at a fraction of the cost of the bigger laptops and desktops. This book is all about finding the best netbook for your needs and then keeping the cost of netbook ownership down. You can choose to...

  • Ubuntu Netbooks

    Apress. 2009. ISBN: 9781430224419,143022441X. 250 pages.

    Welcome to the cloud for users, where the speed of Ubuntu and the ease of cloud applications unite. You can now speed up your netbook, connect to the world using 3G modems, or make calls using Skype with Ubuntu. You can even change your desktop altogether without having to worry about netbook screen real estate. Now, you will never have to worry about the lack of documentation for your netbook again. Install and configure Ubuntu on a netbook. Connect and secure Ubuntu on your netbook. Tune...

  • Netbooks For Dummies

    John Wiley & Sons. 2009. ISBN: 0470521236,9780470521236. 360 pages.

    A guide to notebook computers covers such topics as selecting a netbook, operating systems, networking, security, navigators, external storage, gadgets, backup, and storage and memory.

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