Nike Air Trainer Max '91 "Black/ Red"

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  • Shoe Material Design Guide

    Wade Motawi. 2018. ISBN: 099870704X,9780998707044. 195 pages.

    Do you want to be a professional shoe designer? You must learn how to select and specify shoe materials correctly. The Shoe Material Design Guide details all the materials you will need to make modern athletic, classic casuals and high fashion footwear. Written as a companion to our best selling How Shoes are Made , The Shoe Material Design Guide digs deep into the world of footwear materials and design. A must-read for young shoe designers! Each chapter covers a specific shoe material type....

  • Sneakers

    2009. ISBN: 0500600341,9780500600344. 256 pages.

    Sneakers is the indispensable and definitive guide to the very best and most collectible sneaker designs. It features: over 550 specially taken colour photographs; over 180 sneaker designs from eleven leading brands, chosen for the mark they have made on sneaker culture worldwide, and a selection of shoes from unforgettable and up-and-coming brands; comprehensive collectors information, with an invaluable introduction, brand histories and practical tips on how to create and care for your...

  • Making Sense of Sports

    Taylor & Francis. 2018. ISBN: 9780415552202,0415552206. 586 pages.

    This book looks at sport not just as recreation, but as an integral part of contemporary culture, with connections to industry, commerce and politics. It explores the history and theories of sport, and touches on more controversial issues.

  • Trainers

    2015. ISBN: 1780976119,9781780976112. 464 pages.

    It's not enough for a shoe to fit the wearer and be bouncy, it must have style, offer protection against injury and give the wearer enhanced performance potential, especially if they are endorsed by a cool sporting-world figure. In the late 1990s, people who would never go running selected trainers as their casual shoe. True enthusiasts purchased two pairs at once - one to wear, the other to keep shrink-wrapped and box-fresh as a future collector's item. The Nike Air Rift, with its split toe,...

  • Kobe Bryant

    The Rosen Publishing Group. 2018. ISBN: 0823955397,9780823955398. 24 pages.

    Introduces Kobe Bryant, a young player for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team.

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