RTA Home and Office TVM-0075 75 inch Extra Tall Glass and Aluminum LCD and Plasma TV Stand

Seller: Walmart US Walmart US by RTA Home and Office RTA Home and Office

Elegance and function combine to give this TV stand a striking appearance- PlasmaLCD TV Stand features two thick 8mm clear tempered glass shelves provide ample storage space for your DVD, VCR, gaming andor stereo components- Stand will accommodate an 80 in- flat panel television- Easy to assemble- Accessories not included- the middle piece is the 35 in wide TVM-002 and the two side pieces are...


Texas Shoplog deel 1 (fashion, office supplies, pumpkin pie spice)

Vandaag wil ik jullie laten zien wat ik aan kleding en office supplies heb gekocht in Texas. Enjoy! De lipstick die ik draag is NYX Liquid Suede in Cherry Skies ...


  • Build a Better Life by Stealing Office Supplies

    Andrews McMeel Publishing. 1994. ISBN: 0836217578,9780836217575. 112 pages.

    Anyone who ever toiled in the office "environment" will identify with the ironclad axioms put forth by Dogbert in this collection of office wisdom. So, move over Murphy's Law, and forget about the One-Minute Manger--Dogbert is taking the business-book business by storm. Dogbert appears in the nationally syndicated comic strip Dilbert. Illustrated.

  • Build a Better Life by Stealing Office Supplies

    Gardners Books. 1992. ISBN: 1857880153,9781857880151. 111 pages.

    "At last there's a business book you won't have to lie about having read all the way through. This one has cartoons, so you can make it through the whole thing."

  • Extreme Office Crafts

    Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.. 2007. ISBN: 1579908683,9781579908683. 112 pages.

    A whimsical craft handbook explains how to escape the boredom of the average work environment by transforming ordinary office supplies into unique and colorful items, offering detailed instructions on how to create Post-it note mosaics, a privacy curtain from key rings, and other tongue-in-cheek delights. Original.

  • Who Took All the Paperclips?

    Running PressBook Pub. 2018. ISBN: 0762432586,9780762432585. 135 pages.

    In the world of corporate America, where most peons rub shoulders (and much more!) in cubicle farms, one author asks, “Where can we cubicle drones and bored office workers turn for inspiration?” Aside from water cooler gossip, break room donuts, and motivational posters, there hasn’t been much about the typical office job to inspire anything except corporate drudgery . . . until now! Who Took All the Paperclips? is the perfect solution to transform disgruntled employee behavior into ultimate...

  • Office supplies in Brazil

    2018. 10 pages.
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