How To Unclog A Backed Up Toilet - When nothing else works

I tried a plunger, and auger, snake, and now I am trying a sulfuric acid chemical to unclog my toilet drain.

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  • Thug who left mother-of-six permanently blind in one eye then bragged about it on Facebook is jailed for 15 years ...

    06/21/16 ,via Daily Mail

    The trial was told that the brothers had visited several DIY stores to buy a particular brand of £9.99 drain cleaner called One Shot which had the highest concentration of sulphuric acid. Ms Whitlock was left with virtually no eyesight when the drain

  • Woman claims 'faulty' drain cleaner bought from Wilkinsons caused £10k of damage and nearly killed her dog

    03/17/16 ,via

    A woman has claimed that a faulty bottle of drain cleaner from her local Wilkinsons' store caused more than £10,000 damage - and nearly lead to the death of her beloved dog. Tracy Phillips, 35, bought a bottle of One Shot Instant Drain cleaner from the

  • Mother-of-six, 37, 'was blinded in one eye in drain cleaner acid attack because she set up £2000 drug deal that went ...

    03/30/16 ,via Daily Mail

    Miss Maylin said: 'One Shot is all it takes to clear your drain and One Shot is all it takes to cause a serious injury to Carla Whitlock.' She said the defendant might not have thrown the acid, which was sprayed from a bottle of Magnum tonic wine, but

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