Debbie Paver and model Sara - Sandals

Two lovely ladies feet in sandals. Great partial sole close up on Sara. If anyone knows her full name I'd like to know so I can track down more of her away from ...


  • National Hardwood Magazine

  • Marketing Management, 2nd Edition

    Vikas Publishing House. 2018. ISBN: 9788125942597,8125942599. 942 pages.

    Marketing is a way of doing business. It is all pervasive, a part of everyone’s job description. Marketing is an expression of a company’s character, and is a responsibility that necessarily belongs to the whole company and everyone in it.

  • The Panamanian Princess

    Author House. 2009. ISBN: 1438985231,9781438985237. 84 pages.

    At the turn of the 20th century, Panama is fighting for its separation from Colombian rule. The President of Panama calls upon an American Hero, a Rough Rider for help. President Teddy Roosevelt sends his friend to Panama, a man who falls in love with a Princess. "Who is this man from America; what does he want of us; what does he want of me? I no meet with this - this American," the princess says in her thick Spanish accent. "I am with family." The president surveys the damage, the dead, and...

  • The Guardian

    iUniverse. 2010. ISBN: 9781450279475,1450279473. 168 pages.

    When the Orphan Train delivers three-year-old Kenneth Douglas Hardin to San Antonio, Texas, in 1870, Sheriff Chisholm knows that this towheaded little boy, abandoned by his mother and five siblings, is destined for greatness. The boy becomes Kenneth Douglas of Texas and is adopted by Father Ortega, a Mexican priest who runs the Mission of the Son of San Antonio. Under Ortega’s guidance and with the help of Mr. Yang, a Chinese immigrant, Kenneth learns the necessities of life and more. At age...

  • The Queen's Handmaid

    Thomas Nelson. 2014. ISBN: 9781401686857,1401686850. 400 pages.

    A jealous Egyptian queen. A lascivious Galilean governor. A beautiful servant girl. Theirs is a story of prophecy, self-discovery, and revelation. The year is 39 BC. All of Alexandria awaits the arrival of Herod, the Galilean governor with his eye on the Judean kingship. The handmaid of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, receives a troubling visit from her aging mentor. An orphan since birth, Lydia lives in the palace at the demand of Cleopatra and her royal child, the son of Julius Caesar. But Lydia...

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