Nearly Natural 4929 Peony and Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement

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Provide a warm welcome to the holiday season with this beautiful Peony Hydrangea arrangement. Bursting blooms of red are surrounded by gold-hued leaves, which provide the perfect backdrop. Lush berries and a stately planter add to the festive look, which will stay fresh year round with nary a drop of water. Makes a great centerpiece.Bursting blooms of red are surrounded by gold-hued leaves Lush...


Old-time Peony Collection from White Flower Farm

Visit to learn more about the Old-time Peony Collection. The huge blooms, rich perfume, and glossy foliage of Peonies ...


  • Japan Folktales The Tale of Lady Aya & Peony Flowers

    Xenoyuna Sakura SPC. 2016. ISBN: 9781519957115,1519957114. 16 pages.

    Aya, sweet maid, was the only child of a daimyo of the Province of Omi. Mother had she none, and her father was a noble lord and a warrior. He was at the Court of the Shogun, or he had weighty affairs at the capital, or he went here and there with armies and overcame his enemies. Aya saw little of him. Long years she dwelt with her nurse and her maidens within the walls of her father’s castle. High walls were they and well-guarded, and at their foot was a deep moat which was rosy with lotus...

  • Peony in Love

    A&C Black. 2011. ISBN: 9781408811795,1408811790. 416 pages.

    Peony has neither seen nor spoken to any man other than her father, a wealthy Chinese nobleman. Nor has she ever ventured outside the cloistered women's quarters of the family villa. As her sixteenth birthday approaches she finds herself betrothed to a man she does not know, but Peony has dreams of her own. Her father engages a theatrical troupe to perform scenes from The Peony Pavilion, a Chinese epic opera, in their garden amidst the scent of ginger, green tea and jasmine. 'Unmarried girls...

  • Cherries and Pink Peony Flowers in the Garden Lined Journal

    Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. 2016. ISBN: 153934763X,9781539347637. 154 pages.

    Blank 150 page lined journal for your thoughts, ideas, and inspiration.

  • Roses and Peonies: Flower Poetics in Western and Eastern Translation

    Universitas Studiorum. 2014. ISBN: 9788897683452,8897683452. 108 pages.

    The volume explores how comparative thematics can be approached via translational issues to show how Western and Eastern literatures and traditions may be defined, in terms of imagery and contrastive botanical lexicography, from English and into English. Examples take into account several Western languages (French, Spanish, Italian), ancient languages (Greek, Latin, Hebrew) and Creoles. The choice of a common theme highlights how theological ascendancy through the rose mystique from the Bible...

  • Modern Sugar Flowers

    David & Charles. 2017. ISBN: 9781446375020,1446375021. 160 pages.

    The most contemporary book on sugar flowers ever produced, which will remain a cornerstone reference title long into the future. Jacqueline Butler has an international following of over 270,000 engaged fans--her work is of the highest quality and the most desirable style.

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