PG Tips Returns Home

PG Tips returns, thought he had left you? well you were wrong! he is back and bigger this yaer! Subcribe to us to recive new videos and look out for our new ad ...


  • Monkey Autobiography

    2013. ISBN: 1781974586,9781781974582. 160 pages.
  • Funny Shaped Balls

    Random House. 2012. ISBN: 9781407029542,1407029541. 320 pages.

    Over 2,000 sporting funnies from every sport: football, rugby, cricket, golf, boxing, snooker and beyond... Two men fishing on a river bank in a canal in London on a Saturday afternoon miles away from a radio or TV. Suddenly one man turns to the other and says, 'Spurs have lost again.' The other man is astonished and says, 'How on earth do you know that?' The other man replies, 'It's quarter to five.' After the success of the George Foreman grill, Audley Harrison is launching his own toaster....

  • Hive Monkey

    Solaris. 2013. ISBN: 9781849976527,184997652X. 384 pages.

    In order to hide from his unwanted fame as the spitfire-pilot-monkey who emerged from a computer game to defeat the nefarious corporation that engineered him, the charismatic and dangerous Ack-Ack Macaque is working as a pilot on a world-circling nuclear-powered Zeppelin.But when the cabin of one of his passengers is invaded by the passenger’s own dying doppelganger, our hirsute hero finds himself thrust into another race to save the world – this time from an aggressive hive mind,...

  • Monkey - Hero of Our Time

    Igloo Books Ltd. 2013. ISBN: 9781783430260,1783430265. 160 pages.

    ÒSo, this is for the back of my book, is it? Well, IÕm glad my fans finally formed a Facebook group and demanded an autobiography, as I for one am sick and tired of my ghostwriters, stylists and the hacks getting it wrong. OK, letÕs get this over with as quickly as possible. IÕve got a pedicure booked.Ó Learn all about Monkey, from his early years to his current superstardom, in this new, 100% official autobiography ghostwritten by himself!

  • That's Racist!

    Andrews UK Limited. 2014. ISBN: 9781845407872,1845407873. 167 pages.

    Twenty-first century British kids are more comfortable with ethnic diversity than ever before. The 'mixed race' population is rising exponentially. In school playgrounds across Britain, kids are inventing a version of colour-blind, multi-ethnic interaction that should teach the adult world a thing or two - not least about the amazing, superdiverse generation that is to come. And yet, for over a decade, playgrounds and classrooms have endured unprecedented interference in the form of official...

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