Movavi Photo Suite Business Edition, Download Version

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Movavi Photo Suite Business Edition takes image retouching to a new level of ease and control: edit RAW and regular-resolution photos without affecting the original, merge photos onto HDRs, create panoramas automatically, even optimize JPEG files to reduce size while preserving quality. With this easy-to-use yet powerful photo editor, you won't need any other programs to manage your photo and...


Best Free Photo Editing Software 2015

Free photoshop alternatives! A review of the best free photo editing programs for 2014-2015. READ MORE ...


  • GIMP 2.8 for Photographers

    Rocky Nook, Inc.. 2013. ISBN: 9781457181900,1457181908. 400 pages.

    Image editing is a crucial element in the photographic workflow. Image editing tools, most notably Photoshop, are usually sophisticated and deep applications, and are fairly expensive. The only open source tool in this market is the GIMP, which has developed into a powerful, multiplatform system running on Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows. GIMP 2.8 for Photographers is a beginner's guide to the only open source image editing tool that provides a no-cost alternative to expensive programs...

  • Photo Editing: How to Edit Photos, & Become an Expert Photo Editor In Digital Photography - Secrets to Cool Photo Effects, Online Photo Editing, & Using Photo Editing Software to Edit Pictures

    Lulu Press, Inc. 2013. ISBN: 9781304057853,1304057852.

    In today's world of digital photography, some photo editing is necessary on nearly every picture. Digital cameras have to "guess" at the proper color, contrast, and shading of the pictures they take, and proper use of photo editing tools can correct or even enhance the camera's guesswork. There is a lot to know about photo editing and the details that are involved in editing your pictures after you have taken them. But once you learn to do it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived with this...

  • Beginning Pixlr Editor

    Apress. 2017. ISBN: 9781484226988,1484226984. 237 pages.

    Learn digital image editing without the expense of using subscription-based editors. This book will pave the way for you to leverage Pixlr Editor, a free, web-based image editing solution that works on virtually any computer platform. You'll learn image editing first hand by using the practice images with the corresponding tutorials—everything from creating simple graphics to enhancing and retouching photos. Explore all of the features you'd expect in a high end photo editing application;...

  • Photo Editing Basics

    Media Publishing. 2018. ISBN: 9780987159533,0987159534. 30 pages.

    Photo Editing Basics shows how making some basic adjustments to your photos can make a big difference. A quick and easy-to-follow guide, Photo Editing Basics provides clear, illustrated instructions for cropping, resizing, cloning, healing, sharpening, noise reduction, red-eye correction, dynamic range, brightness, contrast and colour adjustments. Photo Editing Basics is a section from Mastering Digital Photography guide. Author Margaret Brown is an experienced photography writer and is...

  • All About Photo Editing Online - Software and Utilities Reviewed

    CATEK International.
Photo Editor Software Download Windows 7
Photo Editor Software Download Windows 7
Serif PhotoPlus is having features like import/edit common image ...
Serif PhotoPlus is having features like import/edit common image ...
... editing-software-with-advanced-screen-capture-and-photo-frame-editing
... editing-software-with-advanced-screen-capture-and-photo-frame-editing

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