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Plasma Ball Overload

Photonicinduction Plasma Ball Overload Do Not Try This Yourself Sound Track generted from


  • Plasma Ball

    2016. ISBN: 1522877479,9781522877479. 282 pages.

    Herein you will find a short science fiction story about a scientist who breaches heaven itself and begins cutting deals with a goddess... There is a fantasy about a young boy who wins a magic bubble wand at a fair, and a horror story about a fight between the Devil and Cthulhu, where everybody loses. There are nineteen stories in all, ranging from under two thousand words to nearly nine thousand words, cutting across time and space from the Greek Isles to Egypt to the United States and down...

  • Diamond Materials

    The Electrochemical Society. 2018. ISBN: 1566772559,9781566772556. 532 pages.
  • The Vacuum Interrupter

    CRC Press. 2007. ISBN: 1420008595,9781420008593. 528 pages.

    Drawn from the author's more than four decades of practical experience in the industry, The Vacuum Interrupter: Theory, Design, and Application first discusses the design and manufacture of the vacuum interrupter before delving into its general application. The book begins with a review of the vacuum breakdown process and what to consider when developing a design for a high-voltage application. It then discusses the vacuum arc and how its appearance changes as a function of current. This...

  • Ball Lightning

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2006. ISBN: 9780306470929,0306470926. 349 pages.

    Down comes a deluge of sonorous hail, Or prone-descending rain. Wide-rent, the clouds Pour a whole flood, and yet, its flame unquenched, Th’unconquerable lightning struggles through. Ragged and fierce, or in red whirling balls, And fires the mountains with redoubled rage. Black from the stroke, above, the smould’ring pine Stands a sad shattered trunk; and, stretched below, A lifeless group the blasted cattle lie. James Thompson, “The Seasons ” (1727) have been investigating ball lightning for...

  • Maya Visual Effects

    John Wiley & Sons. 2007. ISBN: 9780470111338,047011133X. 350 pages.

    Create positively dazzling effects with the unique insights and practical advice in this innovative guide from a working professional Maya artist. Need to create plasmatic energy by lunch? Animate a field of sprouting daisies before tomorrow’s meeting? Fashion a force field by Friday? With Maya’s flexible toolset and the unique tutorials in this book, you’ll learn how to solve real-world problems, improvise, and finish your professional assignments on time and with flair.

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