Fortune Products MP-3 Mini Plasma Ball

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Our miniature battery operated plasma ball with a 3" diameter ball, stands 6 inches high with the base- Can be set to react and pulsate to sound, and sends mini lightning bolts to your fingertips when you touch the globe- Great for party table decor and promotional purposes- Our special base design allows logo imprinting and is an eye-pleasing transparent blue- Can be used with an AC power...


Plasma Ball Overload

Photonicinduction Plasma Ball Overload Do Not Try This Yourself Sound Track generted from


  • Measurements of the Motion of Plasma Filaments in a Plasma Ball


    Measurements were made of the motion of the filamentary structures in a plasma ball using high speed cameras and other optical detectors. These filaments traverse the ball radially at ~106 cm/sec at the driving frequency of ~26 kHz, and drift upward through the ball at ~1 cm/sec. Varying the applied high voltage and frequency caused the number, length, and diameter of the filaments to change. A custom plasma ball was constructed to observe the effects of varying gas pressure and species on...

  • Diamond Materials VI

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  • The Vacuum Interrupter

    CRC Press. 2007. ISBN: 1420008595,9781420008593. 528 pages.

    Drawn from the author's more than four decades of practical experience in the industry, The Vacuum Interrupter: Theory, Design, and Application first discusses the design and manufacture of the vacuum interrupter before delving into its general application. The book begins with a review of the vacuum breakdown process and what to consider when developing a design for a high-voltage application. It then discusses the vacuum arc and how its appearance changes as a function of current. This...

  • Maya Visual Effects

    John Wiley & Sons. 2007. ISBN: 9780470111338,047011133X. 350 pages.

    Create positively dazzling effects with the unique insights and practical advice in this innovative guide from a working professional Maya artist. Need to create plasmatic energy by lunch? Animate a field of sprouting daisies before tomorrow’s meeting? Fashion a force field by Friday? With Maya’s flexible toolset and the unique tutorials in this book, you’ll learn how to solve real-world problems, improvise, and finish your professional assignments on time and with flair.

  • Laser in der Technik / Laser in Engineering

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    Laser 93

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