• Killer Heels

    Prestel Verlag. 2014. ISBN: 364114759X,9783641147594.

    Killer Heels explores the rich cultural history of the high heel and its relation to power, fantasy, sexuality, and identity. More than 160 spectacular contemporary and historical shoe designs—from sixteenth-century Venetian platforms to twenty-first-century Christian Louboutins—play with the cultural and artistic possibilities of the high heel, use innovative or unexpected materials, and push the limits of functionality and beauty. Complementing the shoes are stills, sketches, and artist...

  • A Guide to New York's Fetish Underground

    Citadel Press. 2018. ISBN: 0806523786,9780806523781. 230 pages.

    Diva Claudia guides both the aspiring and established sensualists through New York City's complex Fetish underground. Detailed here are the hottest and coolest places in New YOrk: fetish shops and boutiques; toy stores; clubs, parties and yearly events; designers' workshops; eateries; and much more. Included are names, addresses, fee requirements and services offered by these sometimes hard-to-find establishments. From tiaras to toe-sucking, lingerie to latex, and more, Claudia describes and...

  • Killer in High Heels

    CreateSpace. 2012. ISBN: 1470092506,9781470092504. 259 pages.

    All bets are off when L.A. shoe designer Maddie Springer arrives in Sin City to find her MIA father and encounters a group of aging drag queens, an organized crime ring smuggling fake Prada pumps, a killer, and a sexy LAPD cop.

  • Raquel

    Weinstein Books. 2010. ISBN: 9781602861176,160286117X. 336 pages.

    She didn’t hatch out of an eagle’s nest, circa One Million Years B.C., clad in a skimpy fur bikini. She didn’t aspire to fame as a sex symbol. Yet, for many years after making her Hollywood entrance as every man’s fantasy, Raquel Welch was best known for her beauty and sex appeal. A private person, she allowed people to draw their own conclusions from her public image. Now, Raquel Welch is ready to speak her mind. And, with the luxury of hindsight and the benefit of experience, she has plenty...

  • Revolt of the Tar Heels

    Univ. Press of Mississippi. 2018. ISBN: 1604733241,9781604733242. 280 pages.

    During the 1890s, North Carolina witnessed a political revolution as the newly formed Populist Party joined with the Republicans to throw out do-nothing, conservative Democrats. Focusing on political transformation, electoral reform, and new economic policies to aid poor and struggling farmers, the Populists and their coalition partners took power at all levels in the only southern state where Populists gained statewide office. For a brief four years, the Populists and Republicans gave an...

Platform Shoes | Women Shoes
Platform Shoes | Women Shoes
Item Details - Silver Glitter Platform Heel
Item Details - Silver Glitter Platform Heel
Fashionate Trends Blog - All about Latest Fashion Trends like Dressing ...
Fashionate Trends Blog - All about Latest Fashion Trends like Dressing ...

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