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  • Home Truths About Domestic Violence

    Routledge. 2013. ISBN: 9781136371042,1136371044. 424 pages.

    While men's violence to women is an everyday culturally supported activity, this reader demonstrates: that men's violence can be curtailed and that women and children can be assisted effectively; that state policies and provision can be improved; and that women can actively participate in the resolution of their difficulties. Bringing together new work and key papers Home Truths About Domestic Violence provides a comprehensive overview and up-to-date account of the progress so far, and...

  • Crime Prevention

    Routledge. 2014. ISBN: 9781317821786,1317821785. 224 pages.

    This book provides a concise and up-to-date account of crime prevention theory, practice and research in a form designed to be accessible and interesting to both students and practitioners. Readers will be equipped to think in an informed and critical way about what has been and might be done in practice to prevent crime at local and national levels. What is distinctive in the approach is the emphasis on crime reduction mechanisms, how they may be activated and the intended and unintended...

  • Papers by Command

  • Crime Reduction and Problem-oriented Policing

    Routledge. 2012. ISBN: 9781135989781,1135989788. 348 pages.

    Problem-oriented policing has been one of the most significant new approaches to policing and crime reduction in recent years, and in the UK significant funding was provided to a variety of projects adopting a problem solving methodology in both policing and crime prevention and reduction partnerships as part of the government's Crime Reduction Programme. This book aims to draw upon the main findings of this initiative, to provide an overview of the government's Targeted Policing Initiative...

  • Parliamentary Papers


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