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Plants for Ponds

Jason Heller of Neptune's Water Gardens talks about good plants to choose for your home pond.

Latest News

  • “Ghost Ponds” Contain Hidden Plants That Can Be Revived

    07/30/17 ,via Futurism

    Aquatic plants buried underground for more than a century can be revived and regrown, according to a new study investigating the phenomenon of “ghost ponds” – ponds that aren't properly drained but filled in with soil and vegetation under agricultural

  • Union County Gives New Life to 60-Year-Old Meisel Park Pond in ...

    07/30/17 ,via

    Union County, NJ – The Union County Board of Freeholders announced that the County has begun to dredge and make additional improvements to the Meisel 

  • My little lotus flower

    07/29/17 ,via The Hutchinson News

    They filled the shallow waters in the corners of the pond like a mat of immense green leaves dotted with bold, pale, yellowish-white flowers the size of cereal bowls. Most of the time these plants are shown with their enormous leaves floating on the

  • More pond plants banned from sale by the EU

    07/21/17 ,via Horticulture Week

    Garden centres and other retailers are also being reminded that all stock of four pond plants banned last year – including water hyacinth – must be cleared from the shelves from 2 August and cannot be sold anymore. Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association 

  • Union County Gives New Life to 60-Year-Old Meisel Park Pond in Springfield

    07/28/17 ,via

    The shoreline will also be rehabilitated and improved with native plants to help reduce excess nutrient runoff into the pond. The new plants will also attract butterflies and other important pollinators. Weather permitting, the entire project is


  • Pond Plants

    Capstone Classroom. 2002. ISBN: 1403405301,9781403405302. 32 pages.

    Describes how various plants adapt to living in a pond, including the cattail, duckweed, and bladderwort.

  • Pond Plants

    I5 Press. 2018. ISBN: 1931993815,9781931993814. 96 pages.

    Over 300 attractive full-color photographs and drawings make Pond Plants an absolutely indispensable guide for creative pond keepers. Authors Derek Lambert, Graham Quick, and Philip Swindells describe the many uses of pond plants, adding color, beauty, and utility to gardens, ponds, and aquariums. The authors begin by recommending readers draft a planting plan for the four distinct areas of a pond, which they define as the pond surround, bog garden area, marginal shelves, and deep water area....

  • Pond Plants

    1990. 28 pages.
  • Pond Plants and Cultivation

    Barrons Educational Series Incorporated. 2018. ISBN: 0764118439,9780764118432. 64 pages.

    Books in this profusely illustrated series show amateur gardeners how to build the water garden of their dreams. Handsome designs and ambitious projects can be carried out with surprising ease by gardeners who follow the author's clear, step-by-step, photo-illustrated instructions. Details include suggestions and advice for stocking water gardens with fish and embellishing them with aquatic and waterside plants. Emphasis is placed on low-maintenance water features that offer maximum beauty...

  • Popular Pond Plants

    Howell Book House. 2000. ISBN: 0764561405,9780764561405. 140 pages.

    How to use and maintain a wide range of plants in and around your garden pond, including water lilies, aquatics, marginals, and bog plants. The garden industry is booming, and this exceptionally illustrated full-color book is the perfect resource for budding or experienced pondscapers. This book features all the popular types of pond plants. Specially commissioned step-by-step photos show planting techniques and maintenance, propagation, plus how to recognize and treat common plant pests and...

Pond plants, resized image 6
Pond plants, resized image 6
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pond plants pond pumps pond repair pond thermometers pond treatments

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