Muzzy Classic Fish-Arrow with Carp Point & Safety Slide

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This Muzzy Classic Fish-Arrow comes with a quick release Carp-Point, featuring excellent piercing ability. Factory installed nock amp; safety slide facilitate immediate use by shooter. A 5/16 solid fiberglass or Carbon shaft wit


PowerPoint 2010 Tutorial for Beginners #1 Overview (Microsoft PowerPoint)

This overview of PowerPoint 2010 illustrates the basic steps required to build your presentations. You will learn how to create slide content, add images, format ...


  • Advanced Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007

    Pearson Education. 2007. ISBN: 0132713527,9780132713528. 432 pages.

    This is the only book that will help an intermediate PowerPoint user improve their skills to an advanced level. In doing so, they can benefit both professionally and personally. This is not a comprehensive book that will bore you with every detail of PowerPoint, but a guide to specific actions you can take to create the ultimate presentation. The book covers the powerful formatting engine new to PowerPoint 2007, and how it can be used for applying soft shadows, reflection, and glows to make a...

  • Death By Powerpoint: How To Avoid Killing Your Presentation and Sucking the Life Out of Your Audience

    ExecuProv Press. 2018. ISBN: 0964888254,9780964888258. 126 pages.
  • Sweating Bullets

    Vinland Books. 2012. ISBN: 9780985142421,0985142421. 512 pages.

    The PowerPoint quadranscentennial edition

  • Creating a Presentation in PowerPoint

    Peachpit Press. 2018. ISBN: 9780321278449,0321278445. 142 pages.

    Rather than cover each and every option available in PowerPoint, this concise guide takes users through a single presentation and demonstrates the quickest, easiest, most effective way to communicate their ideas, starting with creating a slide and continuing through formatting charts and tables, incorporating sound and video, creating transitions, and adding a bit of panache to the final result. Beginner.

  • Kathy Jacobs on PowerPoint

    Tickling Keys, Inc.. 2018. ISBN: 0972425861,9780972425865. 422 pages.

    Demonstrates how to design presentations to meet the needs of every audience. The peskiest PowerPoint problems are investigated - saving to removable media, how to back save, fast saves and other presentation corruptors, the Autoformat feature, video drivers, hardware acceleration and missing slide content.

Enlarge / PowerPoint 2013 with its new look and feel
Enlarge / PowerPoint 2013 with its new look and feel
microsoft powerpoint microsoft powerpoint
microsoft powerpoint microsoft powerpoint
... to work around PowerPoint's limitations. Here are two ways to do that
... to work around PowerPoint's limitations. Here are two ways to do that

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