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How to choose a Power Supply

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  • Fundamentals of Power Supply Design

    2017. ISBN: 0998599409,9780998599403. 352 pages.

    Whether you are a student, a newly-minted engineer entering the field of power electronics, a salesperson needing to understand a customer's needs, or a seasoned power supply designer desiring to track down a forgotten equation, this book will be a significant aid. Beginning with the basic definition of a power supply, we will traverse through voltage regulation techniques and the components necessary for their implementation, and then move on to the myriad of circuit topologies and control...

  • Power Supply Cookbook

    Elsevier. 2001. ISBN: 0080480128,9780080480121. 280 pages.

    Power Supply Cookbook, Second Edition provides an easy-to-follow, step-by-step design framework for a wide variety of power supplies. With this book, anyone with a basic knowledge of electronics can create a very complicated power supply design in less than one day. With the common industry design approaches presented in each section, this unique book allows the reader to design linear, switching, and quasi-resonant switching power supplies in an organized fashion. Formerly complicated design...

  • Switching Power Supply Design, 3rd Ed.

    Mcgraw-hill. 2009. ISBN: 0071482725,9780071482721. 848 pages.

    The World's #1 Guide to Power Supply Design Now Updated! Recognized worldwide as the definitive guide to power supply design for over 25 years, Switching Power Supply Design has been updated to cover the latest innovations in technology, materials, and components. This Third Edition presents the basic principles of the most commonly used topologies, providing you with the essential information required to design cutting-edge power supplies. Using a tutorial, how-and-why approach, this expert...

  • Practical Switching Power Supply Design

    Elsevier. 2012. ISBN: 9780080514543,0080514545. 240 pages.

    Take the "black magic" out of switching power supplies with Practical Switching Power Supply Design! This is a comprehensive "hands-on" guide to the theory behind, and design of, PWM and resonant switching supplies. You'll find information on switching supply operation and selecting an appropriate topology for your application. There's extensive coverage of buck, boost, flyback, push-pull, half bridge, and full bridge regulator circuits. Special attention is given to semiconductors used in...

  • Power Supplies for LED Driving

    Newnes. 2016. ISBN: 9780081010242,0081010249. 320 pages.

    Power Supplies for LED Driving, Second Edition explores the wide use of light-emitting diodes due to their efficient use of power. The applications for power LEDs include traffic lights, street lamps, automotive lighting, architectural lights, theatre lighting, household light replacements, signage lighting (replacing neon strip lights and fluorescent tubes), LCD display backlighting, and many more. Powering (driving) these LED's is not always simple. Linear driving is inefficient and...

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  • Fed’s Serious Inflation Risks

    10/02/15 ,via Howe Street

    If demand exceeds supply for any given currency, its price will rise relative to other currencies. As this money grows more valuable, it takes relatively less to buy goods and services. The persistent increase in the purchasing power of money, resulting in ...

  • Muxcapacitors and a Quantum Shift in Power Supply Technology

    What has your power supply done for you lately? In this week’s Fish Fry, we take a closer look at a revolutionary new technology that's taking power supplies by storm. My guest is Michael Freeman (CEO/CTO - Semitrex) and he’s here to introduce us to ...

  • Oil Shale Market 2015 Global Analysis and 2020 Forecasts

    10/02/15 ,via prnewswire.com

    Explore more reports on the Energy and power markets at http://www.reportsnreports.com/market-research/energy-and-power-supplies/. ReportsnReports.com is an online market research reports library of 500,000+ in-depth studies of over 5000 micro markets.

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