Smoothfm Presents: Music For Mum 2016 (cd)


SmoothFM Presents: Music for Mum 2016 (CD)


50th Birthday Presents For Mum (Day 266 of 265) elaine12jones

In this video I will show you what we got my mum for her 50th birthday. Hopefully this might give you present ideas for birthdays or Christmas.


  • Dear Mum

    From You to Me Limited. 2008. ISBN: 1907048006,9781907048005. 128 pages.

    Award-winning 'from you to me' Journals of a Lifetime are the perfect gift for every loved-one, for every occasion, for all the family. Each journal contains around 60 fun and inspiring questions carefully designed to inspire your family to enjoy telling their story, to help you find out amazing things about them.

  • Clean Break

    Random House. 2008. ISBN: 9781407045993,1407045997. 320 pages.

    Em adores her funny, glamorous dad - who cares if he's not her real father? He's wonderful to her, and to her little brother Maxie and sister Vita. True to form at Christmas, Dad gives them fantastic presents, including a real emerald ring for his little Princess Em. Unfortunately he's got another surprise in store - he's leaving them. Will Dad's well-meaning but chaotic attempts to keep seeing Em and the other children help the family come to terms with this new crisis? Or would they be...

  • Dear Grandma

    2012. ISBN: 1907048464,9781907048463.
  • Keeping Mum

    Hay House, Inc. 2018. ISBN: 9781848505384,1848505388. 284 pages.

    "At 3am I was startled awake by the opening of the stairgate. Leaping out of bed I found Mum, clothes on over her pyjamas, grumbling she was fed up of being moved from pillar to post and was going home."When her mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, Marianne Talbot decided she couldn't put her into a care home. Instead, for five years, she looked after her mum in her own home. For nearly three of those years she chronicled for the readers of Saga Magazine Online the fears and...

  • Whistling in the Dark

    Candlewick Press. 2017. ISBN: 9780763690724,0763690724. 240 pages.

    Legendary author Shirley Hughes draws on her young teenage memories for a compelling novel of friendship and mysteries set in Liverpool during the Blitz. Liverpool, 1940: Thirteen-year-old Joan's home is under constant threat from the Nazis' terrifying nightly air raids. Everyone is on edge, faced with strict food rationing, curfews, and blackouts. It's not an easy time to be a teenager. Joan's one solace is going to the movies with her best friend, the unflappable Doreen, but when the...

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