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  • The history of printing in America, with a biography of printers, and an account of newspapers. To which is prefixed a concise view of the discovery and progress of the art in other parts of the world

  • Making Meaning

    Univ of Massachusetts Press. 2018. ISBN: 1558493360,9781558493360. 286 pages.

    This volume, edited by two of McKenzie's former students, brings together a wide range of his writings on bibliography, the book trade and the "sociology of texts"

  • A Dictionary of Printers and Printing

    2018. 996 pages.
  • Book Manufacturing

    Cambridge [Cambridgeshire] : New York : Cambridge University Press. 1986. 34 pages.

    This is the fifth volume in a series of practical guides for authors, publishers and all those involved in, and learning about the preparation and handling of copy. A well-produced book is always the result of close collaboration between author, publisher and printer. The more complex the book the more necessary this becomes; all the parties involved need to know beforehand what help they can give and can expect to receive.

  • Colour printing and colour printers

    Dissertations-G. 1982. 280 pages.

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  • Equipment company leasing printer’s former spot in Goleta

    “I do a third of the business compared to several years ago. A lot of other printers are in the same boat. There’s a whole lot of stuff that we used to print that isn’t getting printed anymore like books and marketing materials. But as crowded as the ...

  • 3D Printer Sales are Expected to Double in 2016, Reach 5.6 Million Units Sold by 2019

    10/02/15 ,via

    Of the seven types of 3D printing technologies that currently dominate the 3D printer market it is little surprise that the leading process will remain material extrusion or FDM 3D printers for the foreseeable future. In 2015, FDM 3D printers are expected ...

  • Small But Beautiful: The New Small Industrial Level 3D Printer Remains Strong in Print Quality

    10/02/15 ,via

    HONG KONG, Oct. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- There is a trend of "small" in the affordable 3D printer market. Nearly all newly launch printers are small in size. Due to technology limitation, print quality is scarified in these small 3D printers. But the need ...

... Cash Back on Canon’s New Printers through December | LexJet Blog
... Cash Back on Canon’s New Printers through December | LexJet Blog
Ohhh pretty! More information here.
Ohhh pretty! More information here.
Kodak printers are gone, but the ink sells on | PCWorld
Kodak printers are gone, but the ink sells on | PCWorld

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