What is Raw Honey and Why is It Better Than Pasteurized?

Real raw honey comes straight from the beehive and is a potent superfood sweetener gathered by one of the most profound creatures on planet earth, the ...


  • Raw Honey

    Alice James Books. 1975. 65 pages.

    Book by Marie Harris.

  • The Healing Powers of Honey

    Kensington Publishing Corp.. 2011. ISBN: 9780758274557,0758274556. 320 pages.

    “This book will help you stay healthy . . . for good!” —Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D. Discover Honey’s Amazing Bee-Healthy Powers Did you know?... · Eating honey can help lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes—even help reduce body fat and unwanted weight!—and increase longevity. · Pure, raw, unprocessed honey is a healthier sweetener than table sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. It’s chock-full of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins—and only has 21 calories per teaspoon. · Honey...

  • The Raw Food Lifestyle

    North Atlantic Books. 2010. ISBN: 9781556439490,1556439490. 256 pages.

    Ruthann Russo has been a vegetarian and vegan for more than 20 years, and in 2007 became a passionate raw-food enthusiast. She brings that passion to the pages of this comprehensive introduction to raw and live food. In simple, encouraging language, she conveys a wealth of information, from the philosophy of raw-food nutrition, to how it affects the body, to how to transition from a regular diet to one that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Using examples from her own life,...

  • Women's Collective Action in the Honey Sector in Ethiopia

    Oxfam. 8 pages.
  • Raw Energy

    Storey Publishing. 2009. ISBN: 9781603426701,1603426701. 272 pages.

    Raw snacks are nature’s original fast foods — easy to prepare, delicious, and bursting with the ingredients you need to stay healthy and energized on even the busiest days. Stephanie Tourles offers 125 simple recipes for mouthwatering trail mixes, smoothies, energy bars, juice blends, vegetable chips, cookies, and more. Made from unprocessed whole foods like nuts, fruits, vegetables, and grains, each of these snacks contain fewer than 250 calories and are packed with vitamins, minerals,...

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  • Beekeepers earn awards

    10/02/15 ,via ripleybee.com

    It’s very simple.” McHenry said that his association’s fair booth always sells out of honey, and he believes people see the value in raw honey, as opposed to commercially made clover honey. “Most people want what they call raw honey, because raw ...

  • 4 natural remedies for amazing skin

    10/01/15 ,via The Express Tribune

    a) Apply ginger juice mixed with honey onto your face for a radiant complexion. b) Massage a few drops of ginger oil with one teaspoon of olive oil to soothe eczema and other skin inflammations. c) Mix ginger juice with raw honey and apply it to your face ...

  • Greenwich Resident Stirs Up The Pot With Fairfield County-Produced Honey

    09/30/15 ,via Greenwich Daily Voice

    Long story short: Cerniglia was having so much fun that in 2014, he decided to develop BeeKind Farms (a friend thought of the name) and start providing single source, raw, traceable honey bee products. His Greenwich-based business now has hives grouped ...

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