MY FIRST REBORN BABY DOLL BOX OPENING!! Reborn by Rose Cottage Reborn Creations

She is here!! So excited to share my NEW baby with you all and a start to a new collection for us :) Link to her ETSY shop ...

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  • Desperate couple design "reborn baby" doll to look just like them - and even give him a bottle

    01/07/17 ,via

    “One day my doctor suggested I research reborn babies. She said they were very lifelike dolls you could look after as if they were real babies. I thought it sounded a bit weird. When I mentioned it to Terry he had reservations. We had seen someone with

  • Couple who can't conceive naturally spend £350 creating their dream 'reborn baby'

    01/08/17 ,via Daily Mail

    The lifelike baby, which they named George after her grandfather, was crafted by a specialist artist who was able to recreate their features using images of the couple as children. Crystal and Duke treat the doll like a real child, kitting it out with

  • "Get a real baby": Cruel insults hurled at young woman who adopted plastic dolls after being left infertile

    01/09/17 ,via

    A woman left infertile after going through the menopause in her early 20s now treats three plastic dolls as her own children - but is regularly heckled and told "go and get a real baby". Jane Berry, 39, became a reborn mum of three to dolls named Amy

  • These breathing dolls are made by a Welsh woman and sell for £4000

    01/19/17 ,via WalesOnline

    "I started by creating reborn dolls, which are basically factory made vinyl kits which can be put together and painted," Mandy said. "A few years after that I decided I wanted to try making a silicone doll by myself. "I bought the clay and started

  • Courtney Stodden Gets 'Reborn' Baby Doll After Miscarriage: 'It's Been Surprisingly Healing'

    08/31/16 ,via Us Weekly

    “I got a reborn baby based on the advice of my therapist,” the TV personality, 22, explains to Us. “Apparently, quite often, these babies are used to help women cope with losing an angel baby whether that be in the form of a miscarriage, stillbirth or USA, LLC Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pods Sweet Pea Baby Doll
Dolls & Dollhouses

Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pods Sweet Pea Baby Doll: Soft baby doll with expressively embroidered facial featuresIncludes an ultra-soft, peapod snuggle pod for a nurturing baby toyA perfect first doll for babies to cuddle and snuggle and for toddlers to tuck, tote and nurtureA unique shower gift that...

$15.18 USA, LLC Adora Dolls Baby Doll "The Cat's Meow" Light Blonde Hair / Blue Eyes
Dolls & Dollhouses

DIX1009Features: Baby dollCat's meow in her sporty pink and gray multi-layered leggingsHooded vest with the kitten ears the best, although the fuzzy cat pocketbook is really neatPurr-fectly sweet little girl in a three ruffle skirt and matching warm pants, she is ready for anythingBeautiful hand...

$112.44 USA, LLC Baby Starters Plush Snuggle Buddy, Sugar N Spice Doll
Dolls & Dollhouses

The go anywhere, super cute, loveable Snuggle Buddy is sure to become baby s first best friend. It s interactive and comforting. But beware, babies may become attached and you may need a back up buddy. SKU: ADIB005537IFW

$26.82 USA, LLC Kids Preferred Baby Dolls Kira Doll
Baby & Toddler Toys

Kids Preferred Baby Dolls Kira Doll: Kira is made with of the softest plush and lovely floral embroideriesKira stands 11" and loves to snugglePlush doll is ideal for play at home or on the goAlways with a good friendA comforting item that will help baby to relax at bedtimeEncourages creative and...

$10.58 USA, LLC Adora Baby Doll 20 inch E.I.E.I.O. Sandy (Blond Hair/Blue Eyes)
Dolls & Dollhouses

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  • Beautiful Babies 2007. ISBN: 9781411678231,1411678230. 96 pages.

    Just what is a "Reborn Baby" you ask?Reborn Doll making is the fascinating new art of taking a vinyl baby doll, and enhancing it using repainting techniques, to create the look and feel of a real live baby. The results are simply breathtaking and the dolls are very often mistaken for actual infants. We share our secrets for creating Beutiful Babies in this step-by-step manuals, so you too can learn the Art of Reborn Doll Making.

  • Beautiful Babies 2: Advanced Techniques in Reborn Doll Making 2007. ISBN: 9781430304319,1430304316. 56 pages.

    Now that you know the basics in the art of Reborn Doll Making, apply some extra special artist's secrets to really bring your baby doll to life! Learn advanced paint and detailing techniques, as well as how to work with silicone vinyl and soft vinyl doll molds! If you're ready for a challenge and to push your creativity even further, then you simply must have this book!

  • Producing Women

    Routledge. 2015. ISBN: 9781317680239,1317680235. 246 pages.

    Producing Women examines the ways femininity is produced through new media. Michele White considers how women are constructed, produce themselves as subjects, form vital production cultures on sites like Etsy, and deploy technological processes to reshape their identities and digital characteristics. She studies the means through which women market traditional female roles, are viewed, and produce and restructure their gendered, raced, eroticized, and sexual identities. Incorporating a range...

  • Realistic Hair for Reborn Dolls & Kits: Hand Rooting Techniques Excellence in Reborn Artistryt Series 2008. ISBN: 9781435707078,1435707079. 52 pages.

    Create Beautiful Heirloom Reborn Babies with Realistic Hair Now includes over 150 Full Color Pictures A very popular Case Study, #6 in the Excellence in Reborn ArtistryT Series to reborn dolls and kits. This book takes you through the steps involved to create a Reborn with Realistic Hand Rooted Hair. It features hair rooting techniques used on several reborn dolls so you can see both Mohair and Human Hair Hand Rooting Techniques. Includes the Basic Hand-Rooting, Mini-Rooting, Micro-Rooting...

  • Reborn Dolls Skin Layering Techniques for Reborning: Just Born and Newborn Skintone CS#9 Excellence in Reborn ArtistryTM Series 2017. ISBN: 9781435712546,1435712544. 47 pages.

    The author shows how to transform a simple vinyl doll into a lifelike looking, one-of-a-kind preemie, newborn or toddler heirloom collectible.

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