Rising Damp - For The Man Who Has Everything [Christmas Special 1975]

Rigsby has a miserable Christmas with no cards, no friends, and nobody to kiss underneath his mistletoe. Classic Christmas special - first broadcast 26 ...


  • Rising Damp

    2013. ISBN: 0573113769,9780573113765. 80 pages.

    "Rising Damp: The Complete Scripts" celebrates the writing that brought Rising Damp a best situation comedy BAFTA. For the first time, the scripts from all four series of Rising Damp have been collected together. There's an introduction to the book by Eric Chappell, the award-winning creator of the show, and each individual script is introduced by show business writer Richard Webber.

  • Rising damp

    Oxford University Press, USA. 1987. 264 pages.

    In the economic boom of the 1870s and '80s, many Australian workers believed fortunes could be made in the antipodes--the "worker's paradise"--and this belief drove thousands of men and women clear across the continent to burgeoning cities such as Sydney. In Rising Damp, the author confronts the assumption that employment was easy and a high standard of living prevailed in Sydney during the boom decades and illustrates the ways in which these assumptions hindered social and urban reform and...

  • The Rising Damp Quiz & Trivia Book

    Andrews UK Limited. 2013. ISBN: 9781908752338,1908752335. 101 pages.

    During the 1970s millions of viewers tuned in every week to watch the iconic British sitcom, Rising Damp? Even today, the show that brought us some of the most unforgettable characters in TV history is remembered with affection. Now, you can relive all those magical moments from the series with the The Rising Damp Quiz and Trivia Book. Did you know that Rising Damp was originally adapted from a stage play, that only 28 episodes of the popular series were made or that the budget for the...

  • Salt Attack and Rising Damp

    2018. ISBN: 0980512646,9780980512649. 79 pages.

    "This guide aims to provide owners, consultants and contractors with sufficient information to understand what causes salt attack and rising damp (and also falling and penetrating damp) and to diagnose and identify appropriate repairs for cases commonly seen in Australia. While emphasis is given to buildings of heritage value, the principles apply to all older buildings."--Introduction.

  • Solid Bluestone Foundations and Rising Damp

    University of Melbourne History Department. 1994. ISBN: 0732507081,9780732507084. 14 pages.
Independent Rising Damp specialist surveyors photos of Rising Damp and ...
Independent Rising Damp specialist surveyors photos of Rising Damp and ...
North East Damp and Timber Rising Damp - North East Damp and Timber
North East Damp and Timber Rising Damp - North East Damp and Timber

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