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Board Game Replay - Risk Legacy

Today we're diving in and starting the first game of our campaign through Risk Legacy! As a note, all discussion and game clips will be spoiler free! In this series ...


  • Total Diplomacy

    Total Diplomacy. 2018. ISBN: 9781419661938,1419661930. 340 pages.

    Do you want to win in the game of Risk? Have you always wanted to win against your cousin in the game of Risk? Do you feel frustrated when they gang up on you and you cannot do much about it? Or perhaps you made a reputation for yourself as the greatest Risk player ever, only to lose in the next game and the one after that! Read Total Diplomacy. This book aims to teach you how to beat them all in your own sweet way. But that's not all. Learn how to use diplomacy effectively to get what you...

  • A Board Game Education

    R&L Education. 2009. ISBN: 9781607092612,1607092611. 188 pages.

    A Board Game Education is an entertaining and valuable resource for parents, teachers, educators, and anyone who appreciates the fun and entertainment provided by classic, traditional board games. The book provides an informative analysis of how classic board games that everyone has played_and probably owns_are not only great family entertainment but also develop core educational skills that have been proven to lead to academic achievement. Through A Board Game Education readers learn a bit...

  • Risking it All

    2018. 206 pages.
  • The Board Game

    John Wiley & Sons. 2003. ISBN: 9780470856611,0470856610. 224 pages.

    A Director's Bible for Winning in Business :Peter Waine The corporate board game is complex and fraught with dangers for the unwary. In this anecdotal but practical handbook for life at the top of the corporate tree, Peter Waine distils his many years of experience into a biting expose of how company decisions are really made and executed. In vivid detail he shows how boards work in practice, and the differences between the boards of large and small companies. He also examines how corporate...

  • Game Design

    McFarland. 2012. ISBN: 9780786491056,0786491051. 276 pages.

    "The topics explored include the varying types of games, vital preliminaries of making a game, the nuts and bolts of devising a game, creating a prototype, testing, designing levels, technical aspects, and assessing nature of the audience. With practice challenges, a list of resources for further exploration, and a glossary of industry terms, this manual is essential"--Provided by publisher.

Risks – If it doesn’t work, we’ll always say it should have ...
Risks – If it doesn’t work, we’ll always say it should have ...
Well, at least they haven’t flipped the board… yet.
Well, at least they haven’t flipped the board… yet.

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