Router Bit Review - A woodworking video

Trying to decide on router bits can be quite a challenge with so many different varieties and manufacturers. In this video we review the brand Yonico from ...

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  • Dust-free routing: Oneida's award winning router hood

    07/26/17 ,via

    clear polycarbonate - the same material used in industrial safety glasses - the highly durable dust-free router hood features a universal base plate, as well as both an upper dust dome and lower chip cover, which combine to fully encapsulate the

  • 24-foot wood carving nears completion

    07/27/17 ,via Troy Record

    “After I do as much as I can with the chainsaw, I use electric die-grinders with router bits to refine the detail,” he said. “And the I use sanding attachments with the same die-grinder along with body sanders to sand the wood.” Many passing motorists

  • Life-size Joel Embiid balloon animal offered on Craigslist for tools, lumber

    07/16/17 ,via Sports Illustrated

    And the strangest Craigslist ad of the day goes to this Philadelphia 76ers fan, who is looking to trade a life-size Joel Embiid balloon animal for tools and lumber. The poster thinks that this is a good alternative to getting a customized balloon

  • Mesh network explained

    07/31/17 ,via TechHive

    You would be forgiven for thinking that wireless mesh networking is just another marketing bullet point for new Wi-Fi routers, a phrase coined to drive up prices 

  • Riverside Tool Acquires General Saw Corp.

    07/11/17 ,via Industrial Distribution

    The General Saw addition follows Riverside's January 2017 acquisition of Grand Rapids, MI-based Carbide Specialties, which supplies custom knives, cutters, saw blades and router bits. “The additional of General Saw to Techniks Industries' growing USA, LLC ASUS Black Diamond Dual Band Processor Wireless Router

ASUS Black Diamond Dual Processor Wireless Router: Flexible dual-band lag-free entertainmentGigabit internet surfing with hardware NATPowerful online multitasking at up to 300,000 data sessions2 USB ports enable multi-role usabilityEncryption: 64/128-bit WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, WPA-Enterprise,...

$111.95 USA, LLC B AirBorneM2M Enterprise Dual Band 802.11 Bridge/Router w/ Advanced Security

General InformationSingle or Dual Band 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz) with Robust Security, The AirborneM2M line of enterprise wireless Ethernet Routers and Bridges are built for networking equipment in an array of machine to machine (M2M) applications. The small compact form factor, integrated...


Micrograin bits ideal for fast, smooth, accurate trim cuts with a shielded, compact 1/2" ball bearing pilot.

$20.88 USA, LLC Cisco - WRP400 Wireless-G Broadband Router

General InformationThe Linksys WRP400 Wireless-G Broadband Router with 2 Phone Ports is an impressive and versatile networking solution offering advanced triple-play services prioritization in a single intelligent compact device. Wireless SpecificationsWireless LAN Standard: IEEE 802.11b/gISM...





  • Router Techinques

    Creative Publishing International. 2004. ISBN: 161060296X,9781610602969. 128 pages.
  • Router Joinery Workshop

    Lark Books. 2017. ISBN: 1579903282,9781579903282. 160 pages.

    This is the most comprehensive course ever on making joints with a router. Innumerable and spectacular photographs and illustrations, plus invaluable knowledge straight from The Router Lady, make each step of the process clear. You'll find a whole host of the newest fixtures and procedures that router expert Carol Reed has devised.

  • Router Tips, Jigs and Techniques

    Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.. 2017. ISBN: 1402707525,9781402707520. 185 pages.

    From the professionals at Wood® Magazine come technical advice, wonderful projects, and practical tips for that most versatile and popular woodworking tool, the router. Plentiful photos andsolid information show how to use it to straight-edge and surface boards; cut dadoes, rabbets, and grooves; work circles and curved surfaces; and make decorative joints. All the basic techniques and operations are here, along with coverage of special bits like a window-sash set that makes building custom...

  • Bill Hylton's Ultimate Guide to the Router Table

    Popular Woodworking Books. 2007. ISBN: 1558707964,9781558707962. 128 pages.

    The router table opens up a whole new world of using the router that simply cant be done using it freehand. Ultimate Guide to the Router Table starts by giving the reader the option of building their own router table (with plans) or buying a manufactured table (with suggestions on what to look for when buying). In either case, this book gives the woodworker all the information they need to use their router table. Basic router-table knowledge is covered in the first chapter: safety issues,...

  • I Can Do That! Woodworking Projects - Updated and Expanded

    Popular Woodworking Books. 2012. ISBN: 9781440318733,1440318735. 176 pages.

    Shows do-it-yourself enthusiasts how to create quality furniture projects with a modest kit of tools in less than two days of shop time while using only materials that are available at local home center stores.

router bits kreg beading router bit kreg beading router bit
router bits kreg beading router bit kreg beading router bit
Freud Router Bits | Freud Quadra-Cut 1-3/8" Classical Cove & Round Bit ...
Freud Router Bits | Freud Quadra-Cut 1-3/8" Classical Cove & Round Bit ...
Warrior 68870 4 Piece Roundover / Beading Router Bit Set
Warrior 68870 4 Piece Roundover / Beading Router Bit Set

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