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  • Plunkett's Apparel & Textiles Industry Almanac 2008

    Plunkett Research, Ltd.. 2008. ISBN: 9781593921101,1593921101. 497 pages.

    Covers the trends in apparel and textile supply chains, manufacturing, design, women's fashions, men's fashions, children's fashions, shoes, accessories, retailing, distribution, technologies and fabrics of many types. This work contains more than thousand contacts for business and industry leaders, industry associations, and Internet sites.

  • Nomads with Samsonite

    Blazevox Books. 2018. ISBN: 1609640454,9781609640453. 106 pages.

    Poetry. "Timothy Bradford gnaws on the big questions: should I run with my pack, or should I go it alone? Where to find enlightenment? What is a dead animal? What is the spirit's realm? The mind falls into its quandaries, and the body, drunk with it, tags along. These poems, roving across continents, restlessly seek to locate consciousness in the world, a universe which 'opens like a tulip / or closes like a fist, ' where the poet is not afraid to admit: 'I forget / which'"--Eleni Sikelianos.

  • Plunkett's Retail Industry Almanac 2009

    Plunkett Research, Ltd.. 2008. ISBN: 9781593921392,159392139X. 652 pages.

    No other guide covers the complete retail picture like this exciting new volume. America's retail industry is in the midst of vast changes - superstores and giant discounters are popping up on major corners. Malls are lagging while "power centers" are surging ahead. Savvy firms are combining bricks, clicks and catalogs into multi-channel retail powerhouses. Which are the hottest retailers? What lies ahead? Our market research section shows you the trends and a thorough analysis of retail...

  • Valuing the Closely Held Firm

    Oxford University Press. 2007. ISBN: 9780198041276,0198041276. 288 pages.

    A closely held firm is not a smaller version of a large public firm, anymore than a child is a miniature adult. Recognizing that value comes from the ability to generate future cash flows, this book emphasizes the differences between the large and small firms when presenting the concepts to value the closely held firm.

  • Medium Companies of Europe 1993/94

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2012. ISBN: 9789401114400,9401114404. 840 pages.

    Volumes 1 & 2 Guide to the MAJOR COMPANIES OF EUROPE 1993/94, Volume 1, arrangement of the book contains useful information on over 4000 of the top companies in the European Community, excluding the UK, over 1100 This book has been arranged in order to allow the reader to companies of which are covered in Volume 2. Volume 3 covers find any entry rapidly and accurately. over 1300 of the top companies within Western Europe but outside the European Community Altogether the three Company entries...

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