Samsung - Galaxy S4 4g With 16gb Memory Cell Phone Unlocked - White Frost

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Samsung - Galaxy S4 4G with 16GB Memory Cell Phone Unlocked - White Frost


Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Review

We've gone through a Galaxy S4 variant for more rugged lifestyles, one for those who want a much smaller phone, and now we have the one made for the ...


  • Guia Essencial para Samsung Galaxy 02

    On Line Editora.

    Conheça os dispositivos Samsung Galaxy e descubra mais sobre os smartwatches da Samsung, do Android Wear ao Tizen OS. Além disso, aprenda fazer quase tudo em seu Galaxy, desde a configuração inicial até os recursos avançados TouchWiz.

  • Mobile Tech Report 2014

    Mindwarm Incorporated. 2014. ISBN: 9780991049912,0991049918. 1077 pages.

    If you read technology news, you’ll notice it’s not just a story of amazing new product introductions, or even that plus copycat product introductions. All the usual aspects of business are there: fierce competition, new contenders, old survivors, great ideas but business failures, mediocre ideas that somehow seem to succeed and prosper. As a reporter, commentator and blogger on mobile technology, I’ve collected what happened in the industry in 2013 and make predictions on what will and won’t...

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 in easy steps

    In Easy Steps. 2013. 192 pages.

    Samsung Galaxy S4 in easy steps will show you how to quickly get up and running with your new S4, covering the standard functions, such as working with Home screens, apps, widgets, customizing your smartphone and key aspects of the Android OS. It also reveals the key innovative features of S4: quickly master the Air and Smart Gestures, enjoy the exceptional camera, and make the most of its neat communications functions. Use this guide to accelerate your learning and propel your way through...

  • Dust Net

    David Dvorkin. 2013. 190 pages.

    This is a work of nonfiction plus some speculation. It's largely about drones and their very rapid miniaturization, their present and coming use in law enforcement and war, and a potential future in which spy and communication equipment will literally be the size of dust motes, almost impossible to see and impossible to escape. It's also about the complete lack of privacy that is coming in the future. Parts of the book are encouraging, detailing how such devices will help rescue people after...

  • 電腦DIY 07月號/2013 第192期

    電腦DIY雜誌. 2013.

    本期精彩內容: 一、雲端大串流 視窗新世代 電腦的移動城堡 二、Computex Taipei 2013 台北國際電腦展全記錄 三、暑假宅在家 好滑鼠伴遊 尋找適合你的電競滑鼠 四、活化石軟體再利用 GHOST庠解

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