How to Measure and Install Simplicity Wood Shutters

We've designed a custom shutter with DIYers in mind, but there's no loss in quality or style. Installation just takes 4 easy steps: 1. Shutter frames arrive already ... USA, LLC Jobar International JIB2102 Shutter & Blind Vacuum Attachment

Makes quick work of blind cleaning.

Kobo U.S Window Blinds: Everything You Need to Know About Mini Blinds and Wood Shutters
The Home

Window blinds are coverings for windows, normally attached to the interior side. Window blinds refer to some device to hide from sight or to help reduce sunlight. This ebook is going to help you decide which blinds would be best for your decor and your home. GRAB A COPY TODAY!

BlindSaver Traditions 2-1/2" Shutter Style Wood Blinds

Graber Traditions Collection wood blinds are available in a fresh palette of stains and paints. The rich character of their natural hardwood grain is beautifully enhanced with Graber's PureGrain finish for stained slats. Select stains also match our Traditions shutter style wood blinds,...

BlindSaver Northern Heights 2-1/2" Shutter Style Wood Blinds

Natural and inviting, Bali Northern Heights wood blinds add warmth and richness to any decor. Crafted from North American hardwoods and hand-assembled, our meticulous attention to detail ensures the highest level of quality craftsmanship. Crafted exclusively from North American hardwoods, we use...

$194.06 USA, LLC Acorn AKHBP Bean Shutter with Pintle Backplate 2. 25 Offset

For use on shutters or blinds of all kinds- Loose joint construction of hinges permits easy hanging and removal of shutters- 2-1/4" Offset- Adjustable Pintle- Stainless Steel Construction- Function: Hinge- Hinge Type: Strap- Length: 13-3/8"- Material: Iron- Theme: Country / Rustic Traditional /...



  • Window Blinds

    2017. 160 pages.
  • Trade Catalogs on Rolling Blinds and Shutters: Venetian Blinds, Outside Venetian Blind and Awning Combined, Outside Venetian Blind, Venetian Awnings, Rolling Inside and Outside Venetian Blinds, Rolling Wood Shutters, Rolling Steel Shutters, Salamander

  • Old-House Journal

    1976. 8 pages.

    Old-House Journal is the original magazine devoted to restoring and preserving old houses. For more than 35 years, our mission has been to help old-house owners repair, restore, update, and decorate buildings of every age and architectural style. Each issue explores hands-on restoration techniques, practical architectural guidelines, historical overviews, and homeowner stories--all in a trusted, authoritative voice.

  • Window Blinds: The Unconventional Guide to Mini Blinds

    Lulu Press, Inc. 2016. ISBN: 9781329813427,1329813421.

    Window blinds are essential for anyone who wants to safeguard their privacy, at home or in the office. While it is true that some people prefer to use curtains, window blinds have the advantage in that you get to control the amount of light that comes in. One reason for the choice of curtains over blinds is the ease of installation. Some types of window blinds are, in fact, a bit more difficult to install ... but this alone shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Blinds can add a touch of the...

  • A Beginner's Guide to Mini Blinds

    Lulu Press, Inc. 2015. ISBN: 9781329729230,1329729234.

    In addition to providing much needed privacy, mini blinds can also complete the design plan of the room. Especially in small spaces where privacy may be a concern, blinds may likely be the best way to keep your private life private. Especially in areas like bedrooms and bathrooms, window blinds can be an inexpensive look that can drastically change your room. Furthermore, the blinds you install may have special light blocking capabilities, allowing rooms like bedrooms to remain dark during...

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