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DIY home made 'weight loss pills' ♡ How to lose weight

Hey guys! todays video shows you how to make an at home weight loss aid. They are really effective at boosting your metabolism and reducing your appetite, ...


  • Kenya Gazette

    1962. 24 pages.

    The Kenya Gazette is an official publication of the government of the Republic of Kenya. It contains notices of new legislation, notices required to be published by law or policy as well as other announcements that are published for general public information. It is published every week, usually on Friday, with occasional releases of special or supplementary editions within the week.

  • Hydrophilic Matrix Tablets for Oral Controlled Release

    Springer. 2014. ISBN: 9781493915194,1493915193. 326 pages.

    This detailed volume addresses key issues and subtle nuances involved in developing hydrophilic matrix tablets as an approach to oral controlled release. It brings together information from more than five decades of research and development on hydrophilic matrix tablets and provides perspective on contemporary issues. Twelve comprehensive chapters explore a variety of topics including polymers (hypromellose, natural polysaccharides and polyethylene oxide) and their utilization in hydrophilic...

  • The Portrait Of The Complete Woman

    Pustak Mahal. 1998. ISBN: 8122300715,9788122300710. 304 pages.

    The role of the woman in the modern world has been redefined. Faced with ever new challenges, she needs to balance the home and outside world with maturity and understanding. This book has been designed especially for such woman who is well-educated, single or married, working or otherwise, but certainly interested in improving upon herself. It is certain to change her lifestyle and ensure a change for the better. People expect you to play the perfect role model with a flawless performance....

  • The Alli Diet Plan

    HarperCollins. 2011. ISBN: 0007293720,9780007293728. 346 pages.

    Unlike other weight loss aids, alli capsules work directly in the digestive tract and are minimally absorbed into the bloodstream. 'The Alli Diet' presents a nutritionist-designed, reduced calorie lower-fat dietary regime, as well as providing detailed meal plans and delicious recipes.

  • Natural Fat Burners

    St. Martin's Paperbacks. 2002. ISBN: 0312982488,9780312982485. 288 pages.

    Scientists have now proved that dieting does not achieve permanent weight-loss. Not only do you gain back lost pounds, you put back more! but don't throw in teh towel and pick up a fork. Even if you are genetically predisposed to gaining weight, you can successfully reach and maintain your weight-loss goal...If you know the secrets experts have uncovered. Don't miss: --What drives you to chocolate and what can put on the brakes. --Top 50 foods to promote your body's fat-burning power. --How...

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