ZUS Smart Car Charger

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Best USB Car Charger: Max 4.8A output, fully charge 2 iPads in 3.75 Hours. ZUS can also help you find your car without efforts. Download the free iOS/Android app to locate your car.


Trey Songz - SmartPhones [Official Video]

TRIGGA Reloaded Available Now! Download: http://smarturl.it/TRIGGAreloaded iTunes: http://smarturl.it/RELOADEDitunes Google Play: ...


  • Smartphones

    Intl. Engineering Consortiu. 2017. ISBN: 1931695504,9781931695503. 249 pages.

    Analyzing the new technology of Smartphones in great detail, this guide discusses relevant reference solutions, the role of middleware on related operating systems, and how cell phone vendors consequently confront this growing challenge. A very detailed and cogent perspective on the world of Smartphones, the report examines its vast feature sets, reveals its impact on other leading technologies and companies, and supplies extensive case studies on how Smartphones enhance user productivity and...

  • Hacking with Smart Phones

    Lulu.com. 2015. ISBN: 9781329376205,132937620X. 40 pages.

    At a recent event I came across someone who had read both my previous books but was still unable to grasp anything about hacking. The language and tasks discussed in my former books are very complex. He asked me to write something basic that everyone can understand. So, I thought to write about Hacking with a Smartphones, a readily available tool to everyone in this 21st Century. Even a rickshaw driver today who earns hundred rupees a day owns a Smartphone. Understandably, none of us want our...

  • Smartphones as Locative Media

    John Wiley & Sons. 2015. ISBN: 9780745685045,0745685048. 168 pages.

    Smartphone adoption has surpassed 50% of the population in more than 15 countries, and there are now more than one million mobile applications people can download to their phones. Many of these applications take advantage of smartphones as locative media, which is what allows smartphones to be located in physical space. Applications that take advantage of people’s location are called location-based services, and they are the focus of this book. Smartphones as locative media raise important...

  • Professional Augmented Reality Browsers for Smartphones

    John Wiley & Sons. 2011. ISBN: 1119992869,9781119992868. 360 pages.

    Create amazing mobile augmented reality apps with junaio, Layar, and Wikitude! Professional Augmented Reality Browsers for Smartphones guides you through creating your own augmented reality apps for the iPhone, Android, Symbian, and bada platforms, featuring fully workable and downloadable source code. You will learn important techniques through hands-on applications, and you will build on those skills as the book progresses. Professional Augmented Reality Browsers for Smartphones: Describes...

  • From Mainframes to Smartphones

    Harvard University Press. 2015. ISBN: 9780674286559,0674286553. 248 pages.

    This compact history traces the computer industry from 1950s mainframes, through establishment of standards beginning in 1965, to personal computing in the 1980s and the Internet’s explosive growth since 1995. Martin Campbell-Kelly and Daniel Garcia-Swartz describe a steady trend toward miniaturization and explain its consequences.

Are you planning to buy Smart phone? see how to select one | Phone ...
Are you planning to buy Smart phone? see how to select one | Phone ...
Smartphones have become more than just portable telephones; to many of ...
Smartphones have become more than just portable telephones; to many of ...
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Smartphones From Apple and Samsung Face New Competition
Smartphones From Apple and Samsung Face New Competition

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