Fragile Italian Glass Snowboard: Every Third Thursday

For this month's episode, Signal Snowboards' Founder Dave Lee leaves the factory to travel across the sea to an Italian glass factory to create a handmade ...

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  • Burton Snowboards CEO is funding employee trips to Women's March on Washington

    01/19/17 ,via ESPN

    Nestled within the 166-word bio of Burton Snowboards president and CEO Donna Carpenter is one sentence that, in the coming months and years, may prove to be defining of her 40-year career with the company -- if it hasn't already. "In 2003," it reads

  • The Least Expensive 2017 Good Wood-Winning Snowboards Were All Made in One Factory: The Mothership

    01/19/17 ,via Transworld Snowboarding

    Each spring, we test hundreds of snowboards. We call it Good Wood, and it's been going on for nineteen years now. This past season, we put stacks of park boards through a wringer of metal, wood, and snow at Carinthia Parks at Mount Snow, while a gamut 

  • More ski and snowboard thefts reported at Breckenridge in 2016

    01/17/17 ,via The Denver Post

    Ski and snowboard theft cases with the Breckenridge Police Department increased in 2016 after two years of decline. A total of 26 skis and snowboards were reported stolen, compared with 16 in 2015 and 25 in 2014. But the 2016 numbers remain well below 

  • New Burton snowboards to come later this year

    01/16/17 ,via WCAX

    A common problem for skiers is waiting for snowboarders to bind up before they ride, which is precious time when the sport costs upward of $100 a day. But Burton says they have found a fix. For the last four years the company has been developing step

  • Raising funds for Burton snowboard sculpture | The Brattleboro ...

    01/18/17 ,via Brattleboro Reformer

    Sculptor Jason Dreweck from Colorado wants to place a 30 foot tall piece of public art in Londonderry to honor Jake Burton Carpenter, the founder of Burton USA, LLC Wave Rebel Local Motion 35" Wood Laminate Skim Board
Outdoor Sports

Wave Rebel Local Motion 35" Wood Laminate Skim Board: Designed for the beginner riderHardwood cross laminate deckWidest point 20.75", tail width 12.5"Recommended rider size 75 to 110 lbsWood skim board, laminate

$25.99 USA, LLC Wave Rebel Surface 45" Wood Laminate Skim Board
Outdoor Sports

Wave Rebel Surface 45" Wood Laminate Skim Board: Designed for intermediate riderHardwood cross laminate deckWidest point 22' tail width 13"Recommended rider size 120 to 180 lbs

$28.18 USA, LLC Wham-O Snow Board
Outdoor Sports

WAM1088Features: Snow boardPerfect for carving down the slopes

$25.00 USA, LLC Shaun White Snowboarding - Complete package - PC - DVD - Win
Video Game Titles

Shaun White Snowboarding - Complete package - PC - DVD - Win

$4.99 USA, LLC Shaun White Snowboarding - PlayStation 2
Video Game Titles

Snowboarding video game for PS2 lets you do everything you would at the mountain Four areas to explore: Alaska, Park City, Europe, Japan Perform different tricks on the ground, in the air, or on rails Ride down the slopes, create new paths in the back country, or do tricks in the terrain park...



  • The Snowboard Book

    W. W. Norton & Company. 1997. ISBN: 0393316920,9780393316926. 160 pages.

    A guide for the beginner through expert boarder demonstrates key moves and freestyle techniques, and highlights equipment selection for one of the world's fastest growing sports

  • Rhinos who snowboard

    1998. ISBN: 059051508X,9780590515085.

    Snowboarding rhinos check the weather, head for the slopes, and spend all day out on the snow-covered mountains. Includes a glossary of snowboarding lingo.

  • Snowboarding

    McGraw Hill Professional. 1998. ISBN: 0070120382,9780070120389. 142 pages.

    Over 1.28 million women are now carving the slopes on snowboards. Author Julia Carlson, an expert snowboarder, has written this unique guide to encourage women of all ages to enjoy the thrill and freedom of this popular winter sport. The book is packed with practical advice: how to get started...step-by-step instructions and for women...facts and misperceptions...choosing your own style...and much more.

  • Snowboards

    Blackbirch PressInc. 2017. ISBN: 1567114806,9781567114805. 32 pages.

    Describes how snowboards are manufactured and provides a history of the sport of snowboarding.

  • Snowboarding to Nirvana

    St. Martin's Press. 2014. ISBN: 9781466880917,1466880910. 240 pages.

    Snowboarding to Nirvana: A Novel by Frederick Lenz The continuation of the national phenomena Surfing the Himalayas takes the crack American snowboarder down the mountain again, this time around with the greater spiritual enlightenment he gains through experience (the greatest teacher of all). As our snowboarder continues his lessons of enlightenment with Master Fwap, he also encounters earthly love in the form of a beautiful and wise Danish woman. A paradox ensues and a mystery is set forth,...

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